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Friday, December 30, 2005

the year is done

2005 is almost done and i am quite ready for 2006. I met some really crazy and interesting people in 2005, and I hope this trend continues. and are going to have a great fucking time this year, that i can promise you.

i dont really make resolutions, but This magazine I am really going to try to get it to stick, it will be out Jan. 8th for Elvi's bday, maybe sooner, still waiting for 2 people to turn in their features... and maybe miss gleny will write something too.

if you want to be in on feb edition, get started and let me know.

the halloween movie is about done, just some soundtrack tweaking, that is looking like this week too... woo hoo, i am so over worked. i think i need a drink and a set of fake tits to squeeze to unwind ( anyone know any? )