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Friday, December 30, 2005

the year is done

2005 is almost done and i am quite ready for 2006. I met some really crazy and interesting people in 2005, and I hope this trend continues. and are going to have a great fucking time this year, that i can promise you.

i dont really make resolutions, but This magazine I am really going to try to get it to stick, it will be out Jan. 8th for Elvi's bday, maybe sooner, still waiting for 2 people to turn in their features... and maybe miss gleny will write something too.

if you want to be in on feb edition, get started and let me know.

the halloween movie is about done, just some soundtrack tweaking, that is looking like this week too... woo hoo, i am so over worked. i think i need a drink and a set of fake tits to squeeze to unwind ( anyone know any? )

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

thanks time magazine

well it is nearing the end of the year, I just wanted to take a minute and thank TIME magazine for giving me person of the year again... they certainly rock. Also the end of 05 really was a fun time for me and my website, I hope that buzz carries on into '06. Well I don't have anything big planned for the weekend... new years eve isn't my thing.. but dont you worry january is going to be crazy... and we all know the major events are just around the corner

Monday, December 26, 2005

the day after

the holidays are gone and boy i am i releived....

upcoming action.... this week I am going to see king kong , come hell or high water.. there will probably be a packed bar a run tuesday nite. I have decided to work new years, so you are all on your own for that. I am also finishing the editing and voice overs for the long anticipated halloween video, of course which was made posible by

well talk to you tomorrow

Saturday, December 24, 2005

ho ho ho, merry christmas

merry christmas everyone...not much, just family stuff tomorrow. i won't be going out til tuesday, but it will be packed that nite at BAR A... also been talking to golden palace more.. this winter marriage thing with us is going to be sweet....

monday nite everyone has to root for the PATRIOTS... if brady and branch have good games and the pats keep the jets from scoring much.... it might be me and dj dennis my fantasy football league... intense.

Friday, December 23, 2005

xmas eve eve

well it is the day before christmas and I just wanted to say merry holidays and all that jive... I can only think of one way to say happy holidays and that is with this year's 12 racks of christmas... I usually do 8crazy thongs for the jews too, but it really hasn't been a thong-a-rific time lately..
Well i hope everything goes well for all of you, I do want to say that my year and miss gleny have really been fantastic this year, and I cannot wait til next year.... anyone want to buy bus tickets for the AC bus trip let me know

Thursday, December 22, 2005

the last 3days of blog hell

December 22nd

today miss gleny and I went shopping, yes holiday shopping. We got almost all we needed to, but let me tell you something about the mall... in this case the freehold mall.. It has no gifts, stores and people, but crap for gifts to give.. it was quite od.
I have a few collectibles to make, miss gleny needs one, her mom and dad, and my personal spinster Ginny.... I also bought some xmas cards, but don't expect one, i really dont know why i bought them, i don't intend on mailing them out...

tomorrow is Lisa's bday... ( the taxi driver ) so I think they might come to jenks, where I will be coors light girling it up....


just watched the end of nip tuck... the show is such crap. This post is early on the 22nd, but really late on wednesday. The last show of the season was kind of unbeleiveable like theseason, CRAP CRAP CRAP
on a lighter and more spirtied tip, I think I might have an intern.... Stevie 5 Shirts a local monmouth college kid needs to intern at a small marketting company and is seeing if qualifies. This is really a childhood dream of mine. I can't wait.
the only outting planned this weekend - Jenks for some coors light girl fun, and it is also Lisa's BDay ( halloween taxi driver ). It should be a decent nite. Also I am like 3 nites behind on photo cropping and posting. I will get on that. I am off tomorrow and I think we are going christmas shopping.. you know what I want for xmas? Webcam fansigns ... either saying "" or "I want more Gleny" on them
see ya tomorrow...


welcome to this blog.. My name is gleny and i just wanted to let everyone take a look at me growing... The last year was a great groundsetting here for everything that is The name is really really spreading and i love that. THis is my new blog and there will be no spell checking or proper grammar.. this is spur of the moment spontaneous stuff here folks... I will be blogging from my computer, from my phone, hell any chance I get..
I would book mark this page, cuz you are going to want to check it everyday... I am going to keep all of you update on all of me... like today for instance, worked at my job, did about 2 hours of work on the new magazine, title MORE... it is due out jan 1st.. Also bounced some email back and forth with ... just to see if they are going to be around for my upcoming winter carnival of events... I will fill you in as the week progresses on those events... but the next big one is JAN 21st... the ebony and ivory BUS TRIP To AC...
feel free to comment, ask me questions - i give the best answers, link this blog to any site, i dont care, whore me out as much as possible folks, I am tired of not being a household name.

see you tomorrow....

trying blogger

i tried using movable type... but i dont like how they post the new posts and not in one row...