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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So newt Up this week with 5 weeks to go til primary voting. Cane gone. Trump gone. Perry in dust begging for a comeback. It is now just newt and mitt. The asshole vs the boring guy. I still don't get why huntsman never got his shot in the lead sled.

I will be all over the political thing come jan season. Until then
Have a happy Christmas. I am predicting Obama in a 12 point win

On lighter note. If Tebow can beat the patriots I am getting his jersey

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa con

So a sexy Santa girl runs up to me, says "I've been naughty, do I get a spanking?" I of course complied and gave her a whack. Her friends all cheered. An even less covered girl of wonderment asks out " hey, the other side of the paddle says 'nice' on it. What do you for the nice side?" I replied, "I give you a spanking." With a playfully confused expression she examined me further," how is that different from the 'naughty' side?" With a countenance full of merry, I curtly answered," I have a different expression on my face. Merry christmas ladies!" and off I went