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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer plans

Summer events

June 13- mini golf outing
June 15- boat trip w/ bar a travel team
June 18- mermaid parade coney island
June 20- super Dave nite at bilows
June 23- Jimmy Buffett in Camden
July 3rd- joon pig roast
July 4- Asbury fireworks day
July 9- mud maniac
July 14 - canoe adventure
July 17- poison/motley crew Pnc
July 21- sublime/311 Pnc
July 24- pirates invade Belmar
July 25- Dj Joe Yankee trip
July 30- sharweek bike tour
August 13- jen wedding and music festival
August 19- Buffett @ jones beach
August 21- christening
August 24- mets/phillies bus trip
September 17- PIRATE CON NYC

If u have events to add please contact me at

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Great pride parade today. Too tired to blog

New slogan - now with 95% less bullshit!

Have a few fantastic stories but need a little time to write em down. Sorry for the slacking. Anyone read this?

Thursday, June 02, 2011


so the other day i was at walmart, no shocker i go like 4times a week.. And i turn the corner and there were .. wait a second, this blog is 100% real, i am not making this next part up

there were 2 decked out total hastic jews arguing.. they were deaf.. so they are flailing there arms around giving signs at each other but it was so angry and hostile.. but at the same time so ridiculous.. I dont mean to laugh at the deafs or the jews.. but really anyone arguing in public is open for jokes.. and this site was amazing.. Actually took me by such surprise i had to go down to 1 knee to regroup and compose myself..

what was doubly amazing that no one was even phased by this , like somehow this happens every day... oh well.. thanks guys for making this gentile laugh..