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Monday, February 20, 2006

the bus trip is on again. This time daddy pop is doing all the leg work. We are leaving 430pm on saturday March 4th. We are going to harrahs and it should be a great time. $40 tickets and you get some money back on voucher.. casino punch and coors light will be available on the bus

Monday, February 13, 2006

The men's team won. but my girls lost their first match, they go up against CANADA tonight, and I hope that they turn it around. By the way I have a cursh on the female curling team. I hope they do well tonight.
Tomorrow is VDAY, happy valentines to you miss gleny, we went for a little dinner tonight, I work tomorrow nite and I am will probably go to bar a still.
going with a white and black, fur and type theme... WEAR EITHER BLACK OR WHITE, accent with fur if you like. I will make cute goldenpalace bear eared hats to share. No drinking in town, but we will at dj chris's. It should be a great jump

Sunday, February 12, 2006


SO it really snowed, that sucks. I am just sitting online and wasting time. Didnt go out this weekend, so I dont have any new content, but maybe I will venture outside for some snowy photos. anyone want to pose on the beach in the snow?

THE GOLDEN PALACE POLARBEAR PLUNGE is Sunday, Feb 26t. After debating about a few different themes, I am going with polarbear and goldenpalace, wear white and fur or back bottoms.. it is a black and white event. The after party is @ Dj Chris's and should be intense. Let me know if you are man or woman enough to join us.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

congrats steelers

congrats steelers, I guess rubbing my terrible on Phil the groundhog worked. That video is in the editting process, and it is going to be killer. Go read the new issue of MORE and if anyone wants to get involved, shoot me an email... Needs advertisers and contributers...

Friday, February 03, 2006 and Golden take on the knob

Well ground hog day was perfect... everything went according to schedule... We too the shortbus and it drove perfectly. We left at 5pm on Wednesday and arrived @ groundhog plaza around 1am. We were greeted with open arms and cheers as if they knew we were coming. Around 2:45 we left ground hog plaza for our 'trek to the knob', but the cool part this year was we got a parking pass ahead of time and instead of trekking a mile in the woods, we just drove the shortbus. We took like 5 extra people from the plaza; these 3 guys offered money and this other couple were fun. When we got to the knob the male in the couple wore a little GOLDEN PALACE poster board tent thing for an hour. It was classic.

We set up the plastic tent and made ourselves a little living room. I only did 1 interview from there, and it was out to talk to the people. And without needing to be said, the public ate us up. I was in a dead sexy fur coat and Jay was once again the shadow. This year we added neighbor Joe who went as "UNDERHOG". A make shift super groundhog hero (the costume was last minute, but it was hilarious) and Danielle. Now on the way to PUNXUTAWNEY I made a little fur bikini top, which proved very important in winning over the inner circle. Which as we would have it, were just perverted old men in tuxes.

At about 6:30 am, the fireworks started and the stage was set, for Phil to be awakening. They did the little knocking on the knob, and pulled him out of the hole. It was great, were in the very front, I mean I think I got spritzed when that scared little weather man pissed in excitement (and I think Phil might have too). The poem was read and it was 6 more weeks of winter... that sucks, but what doesn't suck is the following. I got to interview Bill the handler and Phil 3rd. We followed just ABC and NBC. We got in front of CNN, CBS and FOX. I was quite pleased and as promised to GOLDENPALACE.COM, I placed a nice hat on Phil during the interview. HE didn’t have much to say, he was probably exhausted like us.

Speaking of exhaustion, we went back to town, tried to get some breakfast and a few of us passed out. Some of us went to look at the carnival that was there. At about 11am, we hit the road again. And with a round trip of 712 miles, we all arrived safely home before 8pm on the 1st. I can speak for most of us, we had a great time and I know for a fact that I will be back.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank team groundhog 06. Thanks Jay ( smile guy),Neighbor Joe, Rich my cameraman, Stevie 'the intern', Colleen ( who even though was super cramped up held in and contributed), Danicg Danielle, and Jess ( still no nickname ). These guys made it all happen and they are all invited to any events in the future.

Check out the photos

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

going to the knob

alright the day is finally here... over a year ago Jay and I went to punxatawnie for groundhogs day, and it was amazing.. surreal and an adventure. This year we are stepping it up, taking the shortbus and 9 people.. we are going to rule that town and all the folks in it...
well I will be gone for 2 days... so email me if you like, text me.

see you at the knob