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Saturday, January 28, 2006

groundhog schedule

last year's ground hog video is on my myspace page..

it is cold but really fun you can only have there. we will have toys, treats, and drinkie drinkies.. as well as nap quarters for ride home.

the bus departs belmar @ 4pm on wednesday, maybe 5. i can pick u you as we leave town.. only very cool and chill people going.. zero drama team.

you will be returned 8pm on thursday.....

rough itinery.... 4pm drive, arrive midnite, hang out and party... 3am go to gnob... big gathering, bonfire, dj, fireworks.. 7am phil wakes up and predicts... 8am-11am, breakfast and a little intown carnival stuff... 12pm out of there and on the road home... during bus driving, there will be arts and crafts and movies on the way... can start drinking like 8ish...

on the way home... naps, quiet music and probably group footrubs

Thursday, January 26, 2006

almost folks

ground hog day is a week away.... so excite.. THis is going to be the greatest feild trip ever.... signs, costumes, fur bikinis, bookze... fun fun fun.

also feb MORE is about done

this issue is much better than last months, and i am hoping it will inspire more people to add for the march issue... "Leprechans and Local complaints..."

Monday, January 23, 2006

So banned from belmar parade... sucks, but I am determined to make the best of it. Here is the shirt I plan on wearing.

We will be gathering at secret locations around town, celebrating and carrying on. We will be spreading the word of how this small town has banded their locals.

But long before that GROUND HOG's day is next week.. Holy shit the year flew by and JAY and I are excited.. this year we are bringing TEAM GROUND HOG with us, and it should be epic.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

still no bus trip

still no bus trip... not sure about what to do this weekend, but i am sure it will pan out... seriously who is ampted for groundhog day?

oh yeah... enough of the hate comments people, they bore me


there was a problem with the charter bus... not blaming names, but the AC bus trip has been posponed to a later date.. I am sorry for all of those that took off work, trust me no one is more let down then me...

on a lighter note, that saturday, I will going to see the AMISH OUTLAWS at bar a.. anyone want to join me... I know it will be a blast of a nite.


Monday, January 16, 2006


i got up all early to make you guys a video, see i was going to record in black and white and recite the ' i have a dream 'speak by the late great MR DR KING. but ahh too much work. The feb mag looks good and should be out on time... I will do a good april one... i am thinking of opening it up to advertisements so that should be nice and money making.

I Will be at Bar A this tuesday and it should be a great nite, just a medium crowd expected, but I have that good gleny vibe.. people should come out and see me . and pose it up folks. I have been doing a lot of bar photo work for and the gleny pics are a little behind, so this tuesday I want to post 300 photos.. so i am bring props and excitement.

THIS COMING SATURDAY IS THE AC BUS TRIP.... so that is good, and I got off sunday for the championships.. I wonder where i should watch them...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

stripper rally was ok

a few things... 101.5 does not know how to throw an event, they spent $4000 on the charter bus and had it wrapped with fancy logo's on both sides, but should have called it 100 hotties march, and paid promo girls to be there... they only brought about 12 girls.. and were bragging on the radio of over 600.

so that aside, brought the party, our dj was louder and by far superior to theirs, their speakers and the dj's sucked.. Sorry 101.5 but has to report how it is..

good news, we got some great video and I got to polish up my interview skills... might about about half a dvd out of today.. not bad... OH YEAH GO TO THE FRONT PAGE AND BUY HALLOWEEN DVD... i need a little revenue to help out this month, thanks... BUY BUS ADS FOR SUMMER EARLY AND GET A DEAL LOCAL BUSINESSES WANTED..

also we were banned from the st pattys day parade, so we have to come up with something to do that day... might march on foot, might just run around, might find a mainstreet drive way or parking lot to party in. IF you go to a parade fundraiser tell the committee that they are wrong in excluding us... is as local as local gets! and it is a sham we are outted...

Golden palace gave us shirts but most of them had to be cut down to scraps ( don't worry we left the logo , pretty much just the logo)

oh yeah, ILLUSIONS was great to us today... they fed us for free, let us video some girls on the poles inside the club dancing and the owner, elenor is great...she was like my long lost grandma... i want to move to illusions to live... hehe

Monday, January 09, 2006

BUS... help advertise on the SHORT BUS

hello everyone.. how was your weekend? mine was good thanks
for asking. Well it is monday and I am in a BUS mood. The shortbus just got
out of the shop and had a little work done to get her ready for her trip to
groundhog's day. I just wanted to take a minute and open up all the local businesses
a great advertising oppurtunity. Buy a spot on the bus... Get your ad on her
from MAY - the end of AUGUST... Not to throw numbers around but it is a lot
cheaper than you think this kind of exposure would be. Come on, you know that
you have seen the shortbus and you know that 100s of your customers have also...
And it really doesn't matter what business you have. The Mobile billboard is
parked right on Ocean Ave and 17th in Belmar.. This is a very busy intersection...
in the summer there are 1000s of people that see this vehicle everyday. Buy
early and you can have the adds on for the spring too... Keep in mind I drive
this thing to concerts and tons of populated events all summer.

go see your options larger

go see your options larger

email me any questions...
or if you want to know about prices...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

fast update

just so everyone knows the DVDs are being printed
the Jan edition of MORE is being received well
FEB MORE will um, be MORE.. hehe bigger and better

jan 21st is the AC Bus trip, reserve your spots.. for details.. goldenpalace is throwing in a ton of shirts for us to make a sceene in the casinos!! woo hoo

the intern and I maybe camping out in times square a nite or 2 in the shortbus, if anyone has the balls to come along let me know.

this week, no big events. maybe bar a tuesday, and i think i am doing the coors light girl thing next friday

Friday, January 06, 2006

weekend coming

no major plans this week, doing a few njcoors and coors light girl things... nothing too racy, bamboo tonight for the maxim model search, but who knows if any maxim model worthy girls will be there.

the AC bus trip is coming and goldenpalace is sending everyone a free shirt,, woohoo, i can't wait for that nite of photos...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

marisa mosaic

go check out this mosaic.. firs attempt, not bad.

jan 21st ... AC bus trip... audio announcement coming tomorrow.
send me articles for feb edition of more.. black or valentine based...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I am done with the magazine, except the sports page, my reporter is a day or 2 behind, but go take a look... I hope it is enjoyable

also the DVD is days from completion... they are going to $20 if you get them from me , or $25(the 5$ is shipping) if you buy them with paypal....The dvd is really fun, a little frisky and lots of boobs!! a worthy watch...

Monday, January 02, 2006


hey 2 days til more is released....

i am in the middle of redesigning gleny.. ya know my yearly making it sleakier and easier to move around.. oh yeah and sexier.

jan 21st is the bus trip
i will be at bar a tomorrow probably. I am trying to pick a day or three to camp out with the bus in times square... i will keep you posted