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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

and the first bus ticket of the summer is in

16-10.3 Furniture.
No beds, mattresses, couches, chairs or other furniture not designed or intended for outdoor use shall be placed, stored or utilized on any porch, stoop, balcony, deck, patio or other exterior location or yard of any premises, except at curbside for bulk pick-ups, and then only in accordance with subsection 23-4.5. (Ord. No. 1994-23 § 3)

that is write I got my first ticket from the town of belmar and guess what? it is a housing violation.. well I will be going to court again... First tomorrow i am going to find out how much it is... also if anyone has any OUTDOOR furniture they are throwing out, i need a new couch for up top the bus.

comment, please comment

Thursday, June 22, 2006

same old same old

don't you feel like sometimes you are just doing the same thing over and over day in and day out? I mean I love being gleny, don't get me wrong, but This week it has been a little repitious and mundane. Did the Bar a thing, it was too crowded, did some work, sat online a lot, figured out a way both myself and miss gleny could avoid doing any chores around thouse.

I even tried to go on the WOW opie and anthony road rally thing. I just wasn't into it, We go no sleep left for the city at 4am, got to meet the guys and then drove the bus for what ended up beiong like 8 hours. (sigh)

The best parade of the year is coming up!! the MERMAID parade, if you are still on the fence you should decide. And decide to go. I Am putting all the heart and soul into this one folks... BUS LEAVES BELMAR @ 10am SATURDAY!

Friday, June 02, 2006

rainy weekend and not much doing

not much doing this weekend. I might go out Saturday nite with my Benny friends but not sure where... Friday nite I will probably stay in but my wedding band - DADDY POP - is playing at the headliner. By the way, we are doing another Daddy Pop/ Bus trip to AC... Click for detials

The June magazine issue is out. Go check that out..

I started sculpting the wedding centerpeices.. I have 12 done out of 24... This is just the first 1. I want to keep these hush hush.

Next week.. Nada Surf concert, AMISH @ BAR A friday, Belmont Stakes the 10th, and Big Tailgate @ PNC for Jewel and Rob Thomas on the 11th