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Friday, July 16, 2010

iPhone and bp

Yah the oil cap is holding. My predictions. The job number will rise for a few months spending bp money to fix the spill. I think 1 good hurricane and most of it will clean itself. Seafood prices will sore for like 18 months, but because business will exploit spill. Like when gas went to $4 for no reason cus we were at war with oil country

iPhone. Get a case. Antenna problem fixed. I doubt it will go verism before June. If at all. I am waiting to heat steve jobs just say no. No I don't like verizon. So no iPhone for verizon. 10% off if u drop ur vevrizon and come to AT&T.

Take your meds
See u out there

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

todays news

i had a few hours to watch the news..

here is my take

THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE... every time i comment on 9-11 stuff, i always catch a lot of heat.. i am gonna make this basic.. why haven't we build a building there yet? in dubai, they build the tallest building in the world in 6 years.. we have nothing at 9-11.. i think people that are against the mosque there, yes they are racist.. I do think if they made a mosque there, that would just be asking for hassle and headache and hate.. i dont think a place of worship of any kind would make sense there.. build a few office buildings and a monument park.. should be done already

GULF OIL CAP... i am writing this as the guy who is in charge of todays BP oil capping is about to make a press statement.. over 80 days. get the leak stopped and take 3 years to clean it up.. and I do beleive that BP knew it was dangerous, but i mean it is drilling for oil a mile under sea level... we all knew it was dangerous.. on a political spin on the spill, i do love the republicans already flip flopping to be pro environment.. and that a cleaner earth is a cheaper earth.. that slays me..


OBAMA TEA PARTY RACISTS... yes, tea party people are racist.. and I don't think any of the rich white people in politics ever gave obama a fair shake, not one bit, not even a little.. but i still say he will get re-elected cuz the GOP has no one to run.. and probably a strong independent candidate might run in 2012...

that is enough about news...
see you out there

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

i wish more people would

read my blog, send me fansigns, think i am a nicer guy...

weekly fun stories coming soon, and i guess everyone just reads facebook.. so check their for my events....

Friday, July 02, 2010

iPhone 4

Love my new iPhone. I recently had the 3G. And the iPhone 4 is so, so much faster. I love it

I haven't dropped any calls yet but there is a glitch when I video commentate too much and flip around. The flash dissappears. I just reset and it is back. I use the flash from the video as a working flashlight. Very handy. Very.

Love the photo booth feature and front camera. I will be video blogging like crazy now. I am back to work. So see ya out there