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Thursday, December 27, 2012

brrr Baby it is cold outside

But that doesn't mean the fun stops.. a few weeks and then the Winter Carnival starts and a whole new round of events coming right your way..

Jan 6   - DR Skethcy Film Noir
Jan 7   - Jerry Springer road trip ( home in time for notre dame game)
Jan 19 - SNUGGIE PROM.... fb invite
Jan 26 - NJ BEARD AND MUSTACHE MEGA EVENT.. asbury lanes.. day starts with WRAT afternoon session of the Bear thingie. THE BEER FEST is a MAYBE as it is expensive..
Feb 2  - Groundhog day is on a Saturday this year
Feb 3  - SUPERBOWL... we are probably not having a party this year unless someone talks Cyndi into it.
Feb 23 - POLARBEAR PLUNGE.. moved to Longbranch, NJ.. might party in asbury after
March 9 - SEASIDE PARADE. confirmed to be in Seaside


So this year we did 2 Santacons... My close personal friend SWAZYE CLAUSE set up a local alternative in Asbury Park... and of course the NYC one...


Well as always, the best part of my xmas season is Santacon and this year Santa really did come twice.. The Asbury one was the first time  there and the turn out was amazing.. Who ever set that up should really be commended.. ( I already here they are having another one next year...) I know all the businesses really were happy to have us, and if any of you have ever been to an event, you know that we can sometimes be too much. It was an all day affair and I didnt see any drama or destruction.. There were none of those bad Santas..

now the NYC one, that was a completely different day. It was a physical challenge for me. I was deathly ill from the moment the sun came up but I endured. It was still an amazing time and of course I will be back..

longer recap my be added..
if not, you might just have to come to a holiday event next year.


Facebook and blogger

When will facebook just integrate blogs already. It is like too much to keep up on with facebook, twitter, Instagram. Blogger. Pinterest. Yadda yadda