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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

mid way through the winter

still have the plunge coming up, and then 2 parade days and then the pillow fight in nyc to close out the winter carnivale..

lots of new photos on and i am still trying to blog a lot... a friend of mine is starting a short story blog and although i can't write short stories, she has been trying to get me to write long essays.. I go into these rants and he says i should just write them down and he can pound them into a diamond..

i am not going to write one now.. but i am going to tell a little story about the headliner annual pajama party...

it was last saturday, saturday the 20th.. it was i think the 4th year they have had it, and this by far was the best turn out. A lot of people where in pjs... not as many as could have been in sexy stuff, but i like a small tank top and some really thin pj pants fine enough.. we started at bar a for a free happy hour, 930-1030, they were having their half way to summer or summer reunion party and what not.. It was a really fast and booze filled hour.. then we headed over to the headliners. I ended up taking over 300 photos and posted about 190...

makes me miss that i forgot to have my own pj at the gleny dot compound this year.. maybe something here soon.. I am thinking jungle theme maybe...

well see you all saturday for the plunge, friday nite is tiki stadium for my first ever mechanical bull ride... i know i am so going to hurt myself

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another snow day!

Well I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks. A lot of people are probably wondering what I have been up to. Ok, well a few people realistically. with all this facebooking, less people read my blog, but I am hoping to bring em back.

last week we went to Jerry springer in CT. It was a riot. The first taping was mainly girls fighting cuz they were humping the same guys. Always classic. However the second taping we got escorted out of. This really was a new low for me, actually being below the social standards for springer. Mother fuckin springer? Really? Trannies, midgets, the Klan? But gleny and the blonde squad were too much.

The blonde squad? Yes. This winter I met 3 of the cutest fubbest blondes. They love camera and gave puppy like energy. Look for them at everything!

The annual groundhog trip was excellent. Well except for magic rack losing her mind. I mean I half expected it. But ya still hope it doesn't happen. Drama rack unfriended me on facebbok but is still dating one of best friends. We shall see how that all plats out. The inner circle told me that on my 10th year, I get to be an honorary member. Very excited. 2014 here I come!

this coming Monday is the 3 rd sleeve if the triple crown of snuggie fun ; snuggie karoke at bilows in Neptune. Everyone should come.

Well that catches u up to speed I think. "sleep is like a warm shower for your mind"