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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mickey Vs. Gleny

Headed to Disney after the playoff games. Flying out of ac. Which ever quarterback plays best is my roulette bet.

I predict a 49er vs Patriots Super Bowl. What ever teams make it. We are having a party

Follow me on twitter #followgleny is trending right now.

As for the Mickey Vs. Gleny will e a short video series of me exploring Disney world. Riding rides, meeting the characters, reviewing and interviewing. Will be a fun think to watch for sure. Of course it turns my vacation into and event instead of a relaxing week. But when I get back the winter carnival will be in full effect

Snuggie bar crawl
Pj party
Polar bear plunge
St pattys in Belmar
Then seaside
Then lepre-con
Bunny con
Banana con.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


And down to 4

Ron Paul

Who will win sc. They even changed the Iowa vote to try and edge out Romney. The GOP hates him man

I still say mitt wins SC by less than 10% which everyone will call a loss. But sc is all about the hard right. So of he can squeak a win in an anti Romney state that is solid points on the board

Love newts new a vote for anyone but me is a vote for Romney

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Mitt. Dull but porbable. Think he loses the election close
Newt. Criminal and horrible temperament. O-super PAC would destroy him on his record. Obama landslide
Sanatorium. Too hung up on social issues. He would get crushed in general election. Get out ass lube juice guy
Rick perry - haha
Ron paul - has some good things to say, starts good debates. Too unstable to win anything. He could screw all the GOP with a 12% independent 3rd party run

Btw- Chris Christie is a fool for not jumping in on this race!


Ben Franklin and Betty Whites bday. Also Mohammad Ali.
Bf- thanks for all the inventions and building this nation, you know you are my favorite founding father hands down
Ms white- way to still be funny even as your body falls apart
To Ali- without you we wouldn't have trash talking in sports today. I owe to you the wwf and all the years of enjoyment. Hang in there shaky

Politically. The GOP is a super PAC trash talking mess. Ron Paul is surgig and if newt and the Christ nazi guu don't make a deal Romney is a lock. And I just heard no matter if all the nominees back out. The primaries still have to go thru til June. Wasting millions and millions of tax payer moneys. Citizen united and the GOP suck

Oh yeah. Paula dean came out of the diabetes closet. No shit she is type 2. She has been eating cheese and grease for 40 years. Thanks for the artery clots you silver haired disaster.

Nfl predictions.
49ers beat giants in a close game
Patriots literally beat ray Lewis into retirement by 20 PTs

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Ronmey needs 50%. Hoping hunts as gets Like 20% an he drops. Perry should quit tomorrow.

I don't see anyone else beating Romney unless it is a 2 bourse race but the rest of the GOP field is too busy selling books.

Ron Paul. Haha. Would be awesome if he got like 30%. If that happens I will cool joon food. Haha

Video blog still needs to be shot tonight.
Politics, sports and porn. I will review "Backdoor in chyna"

Monday, January 09, 2012

Weekend and week

Tebow. That is All the sports talk I have for you from the weekend. Hey kissed his ass for a few weeks. Then gave up on him and dropped him like a used condom. Now with a miracle win espn is back on the tebow train. If he can beat the patriots. The sports world will cream itself. I don't think it will happen. But we shall see

Tonight is "meatloaf for the artists" dinner. And after that I am trying my first video blog. "politics, sports and porn".

The week ahead is non eventful. Wedding Saturday. Some me time somewhere this week. 2 Xmas gifts still unclaimed. Tsk Tsk.

Still need a 4th for g'day road trip, preferably someone that can rock a fur bikini. Let me know.

GOP morning after

What a caucus. It was amazing. 8 votes differential. and Ron Paul showed up big

Perry quit and then unquit
Bachman is gone (thank god)
And newt got a little humility.
Huntsman had a laughable showing. Ha ha

New Hampshire. Just saw that Romney dusted off McCain and is carting Jim around. I think mitt will step it up. As they go to south
Carolina. But we will see

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Unfortunate definition.

Political fun fact
Rick Santorum is running for president
Unfortunate definition

Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.

St Patrick

Not sure how this is going to work into my st patty paraded wardrobe. But we shall see

March4-Belmar. Pks start at 10
March10-seaside. Not sure if we are matching or drinking.
March17- maybe something.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Nfl playoffs week 1

Giants over falcons
Detroit over Who ever they are playing
Packers and 49ers in the bye
49ers vs giants in NFC

Broncos over steelers
I don't even know the other game off hand. Haha but there are really just going to be new England beating the ravens in the afc chip

I like 49ers vs patriots for Super Bowl