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Friday, June 12, 2009

been a while

i haven't posted in a few months, even after repeatedly saying i should post more.. I am just so busy with my life falling apart, i forget. i have been doing some serious debating if i should open up to people about the downward spin of everything.

i am not going to, but i will tell you that this morning, i found my side view window on my mini busted.. a few mailboxes and another side mirror were cracked.. I guess that is summer time in bricktown.. asshole punks..

some other happenings.. i was all set to try and program an iphone app, but it turns out you need leapord OS, so that idea is on hold.

Mini golf outting on monday, should be a really good time, and well since i haven't been having a ton of those, i think it is time to turn this summer around.

jimmy buffet is june 20th, and i am thinking METS PHILLIES game July 5th.. sunday day game if anyone is interested.. hey does anyone read this anymore with all the facebooking and what not?

enough for now.. more to come. i am going to force myself into mini blogs everytime i check my email on my computer