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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Things happen all week and I forget about them, by the time I get around to blogging. I wonder why that makes twitter so popular? U can just tweak like a text message.

This week bas a pretty basic week. A few 11 hour work days. A nite at bar a, and I guess still healing up from bunny con. Cinch de mayo is this Thursday. So that will be amazing, I am working on getting a Mexican pro wrestler there to be a photo prop and maybe beat me up. Pks has tons of specials and is really fired up for this. If u are reading my blog you are probably coming. Thank u in advance. shirts will be there and that only happens once a year. So If u always wanted a face with my shirt this is your chance. Also tell friends, bring people, spread the word.

Planning summer events. And I am going to try to tell a story once a week. April was national poetry month and my buddy rob wrote 30 poems. May is officially now "national Boobie" month. So I vow to post 30 photos of 30 different racks! Stay tunes.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bunny con

It was an amazing good time. The fast details. A bar hop themed by Easter. Lots of funny bunnies, some hot bunnies, some silly ones too. And then me, a combination of all three. Lol.

Santa con and pirate con are fun bar hips that happen in NYC. This year no one was stepping up to fun "bunny con NYC" so I stepped in. Then I got to realize that why not make it easy on me and some friends, so I moved it to Belmar.

About 50 maybe 75 bunnies of u count all the late comers, showed up. So fun. For those that went and for group of then that can remember, it really was a great time. To those who didn't go, sorry u missed it

Photos going up slowly on and from friends on facebook. I might put he top 50 on the Gleny Fb page. But Fb isn't great with photo storage.

Cinch de mayo party coming soon. Just go to Click the Mexican Gleny graphic and check out the event page

As for this week I will be resting, but I might go out Tuesday. Who knows. Either way

See you out there

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Can't help it. He is a media dynamo. Other GOP candidates have to read books just to keep up with him. ( guess where that quote is from. Win a prize). I mean he is zero qualified but he can get people to watch him. He is absurd, from the hair to the steal oil from other countries foreign affair doctrine. But the birthed stuff. He is president. Beat him on politics. Obama is doing "C" grade work. if someone was really qualified to be be president you can win on that, bot bullshit.

Oh yeah. And really, do u think a billionaire would have the interest in regular people? How would he get the poor, the old, the mexicans or blacks to vote for him? The GOP is going to have to split and trump can go as tea party candidate. That is only way I see him going to 2012.

Sorry for political blog. At work and news is on. Seriously, even fox news bashes trump

Bunny con Saturday
See u out there

Monday, April 18, 2011

Updating keeps me up late

It is 4am and just hitting the sheets. Fixed frontpage and tweaked blog. Hope u like it

Good nite and see you out there soon

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday- this

It wasn't a super exciting week. Some political stuff happened. And without going into it, I am amazed when partisan politics surprises people. I guess regular people that don't follow it, but the professional people. the president is kind of a democrat. Why act surprised when he says professing things. And get this he promised to compromise with the GOP. So why all the uproar when he compromises. The politicians spend 80% of their energy in arguing and trying to make the other side look like crap. Just do the job. get economy moving.

On a lighter note. It is finally warming up and old friends start to crawl out of the woodwork. That is always fun. People like to be photographed more in the summer. My camera had a boring winter. news- kind of redoing the site. Making it more facebook friendly. I am going to add a "Rosie corner". trying to blog more. And if I can figure out a vibe, I might include a video blog section again

Bunny con is next Saturday. Lots of warm weather fun is on deck. Buffet season is coming. Cinco de Mayo.

See u out there

Thursday, April 07, 2011

like my facebook business page

So again. I don't blog enough

I blame u Facebook. I really do. Fb has changed people's online experience. But I wish they made their notes section work more better as a blog program. Seriously Fb, buy

I have been made to promise no political blogging. So I am now going to just blog random thoughts.

On Gdc news. Blueclaws home opener tonight. 50degrees and dry. $8 seats and $1 beers all nite. Bunny con NYC had moved to Belmar and the numbers are growing. Wanna go on the bar hop of your life. Just search Fb for "bunny con NYC" and join us. Oh yeah dress like a bunny

On American idol- this year is a little better than last year. Only Like 2 girls left, but both very hot. Cyndi loves Scotty. I like the fake English looking guy and the autistic kid.

On Knicks- hell yeah! 5 wins in a row. The perfect way to end a season, I think they can beat either the heat or the celtics on the first round. Knick fever is running wild

On hockey- u almost had me for a few weeks. Devils couldn't do the impossible. Is the season over yet?

Blog ya later


Work all day Saturday, then cyndi-bowl party. 2 weeks Til the winter carnival rally. And the beginning of an amazing 2011 of good times