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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hey everyone. Mermaid was an amazing success and good time. We didn't place, but got an honorable mention for not been judged. Next year. I think we have a legit chance at first place

Congrats Miami heat. I think okc will be around for years.

Olympics are coming soon

July is pretty open for events. Nothing major planned. Let me know if you have fun ideas

August has shark week bike crawl and the Pirate invasion

Friday, June 15, 2012

This reminds me...

It has been a while since I have been to the Parker house. And seriously, cougars are all over the place this summer already. I am past the age of their prey, but I have heard several reports from my underlings that they are be clawed at like crazy at the bars

Mermaid parade is coming up fast
Mets/Yankees trip the day after. That is a tough weekend.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

5-0 today

I got all my picks correct

Okc in 6games
And devils in 7

Sunday is a long day of eating and Monday is the mini golf tournament. Should be an action packed weekend!

Tonights predictions in sport

The black boxer in an upset
No one cares about house race since triple crown condender quit

50 SHADES OF BLACK - Nathan Speed

So throughout the years, I have had many outstanding and hilarious moments with people of color. I will be taking time to write some little urban recounts for you.

This is Nate. He is black, and also a pretty damn good guy. This photo was from one of the episodes of "the manro show" episodes. MRS was a little live Internet show that we taped in my basement/manroom. We did 2 seasons and then 3 episodes of a 3rd season. Nate was along for the ride. On the 10th episode, which was a cool little achievement because I never thought it would go that long. For nate's tireless efforts I gave him a CERTIFICATE OF REPERATIONS. A lot of my viewers were pretty low brow and had no idea what that meant. But Nate got the joke and for that I thank him. There were dozens of great Nate/Gleny moments; from rapping to ass painting, to when he dressed like reverend al sharpton. But I will save them for later on.

Again, thank you Nathan speed or being one of my 50 shades. Good bless and I will see you out there

Thursday, June 07, 2012


If the GOP congress worked as hard to get the economy moving as they do to bash and dethrone Obama from day 1. America would be better off. All of America. Seriously. The amount of effort and moves. From sneaking voter suppression to all the straight forward lies. To the crazy birthed and convincing half of the people that he isn't "American " or he is "anti American" to he is war hungry and now he won't go to war over Syria. Hated how he went into lybia but now demanding it

It is dizzying how much hate they have for Obama. He isn't a socialist he isn't even a liberal. He is half white too ya know. Haha. He really gets no credit for good things by either side.

It is really annoying that no one will compromise to help people. To move the economy. They just want to kick out Obama. What happens if Obama wins? 4 years of blocking again?