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Saturday, December 27, 2008

live video blogs from my iphone

i haven't blogged in a while.. sorry about that, you do know that if you need to keep up on my, just go to and check out the newest photos..

as for the holidays, the bday and 3 xmas parties last week all went well.. family xmas was also good, hosted here for like 20 people..

as for new years, since people always ask me, i have decided to just have people over.. no noisey sloppy open bar sloppy buffet for me this year.. if anyone is tired of that scene and wants to come by, just let me know..

what is new tech wise.. i jailbroke my iphone.. a few bumps, but i have it set up to do live video blogs.. that is right, live streaming video.. i will try and do little updates from events, but i might do a MiniManRoom SHow SHow.. like 10 minutes clips.. live , we will see.. all the live feeds are archived..

and i will get a URL forward asap.. for now it is ... go check out the text blog.. right from my iphone up to the internet!