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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

spring is in the air

spring is here and i made it through another winter carnival of events.. and boy did it take its toll..

but i have recharged and regrouped and personally things are looking upwards.. Some fun events for april are

blueclaws for $1 on saturday april 17th..
medieval times on sunday april 25th.. 30 people paid and ready to go.. the carivan leaves around noon.. wear your craziest blue outfits..

may 2nd - phillies vs mets road trip.. the bus is going, if you want tickets, buy some , i think we are just drinking and watching in the bar... bus leaves around 2pm

and also something new and fun, learning how to take 3-d photos on my phone and i think i am going to try to do some 3d video.. at medieval times, i am going to be filming the first RoadShow.. of course belmar Matt Damon is my co-host and we are adding some Moxie to the mix... this is Moxie.

I have no idea what else is in store for the summer, but i feel like it is gonna be a better than ok time. see ya out there

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Summer is here

And to celebrate, I will be bar tending one nite at the wonderbar in Asbury park tomorrow. Across street from convention hall. Cheap $1 beers and 80s themed Dj.

Everyone should come out.

Lots of events coming up this spring. Befriend me on facebook to keep up

Phillies trip, blueclaws, Amish camping, maybe island camping before summer, medieval times. And a few others. Come on people. Get involved.

Also I have been toying with 3d photography and I think the first episode of manroom on the go from the medieval times tailgate may just be in 3d. So get ur glasses to be ready.