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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Healthy Gleny time

So last year I pushed myself with diet for 1 month. I lost about 30lbs. That was in nov 2012. Then I kind of coasted thru 2013. Now that it is 2014. For the last 3 months. I have been eating right and 3 days ago I started "insanity". Those work out DVDs. This one is interval training. And I have decided to use my blog. Which was once about only tits and ass to be about my personal journey trying to be healthy. Now there will occasionally still be tits and ass. But you should just download the app for that. Haha

So "insanity" is a 60 day program. But I am just totally committing for the first 14. I have never worked out before. But I am making myself do 14 days. Today my legs hurt. But the first 3 days didn't break me. 

I will take some before photos. So that we can see the transformation. And I might even post a video here and there of my struggle for health. I am hoping that most of you will be supportive and I hope a few try being healthy with me. I want to show you that you can still have fun, be crazy and live healthy. Well that is my goal

Stay tuned