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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


this year belmar is easier than ever.
We are still banned for life, so the bus doesn't have to be in the parade.
and I am not even protesting it this year,, fuck the committee.. I will just bar hop.

so will be all around town.. not making a schedule. just text me if you want me.. here are some of the spots I plan on hitting

KRISTIN's for breakfast
and even PAULS


Well the weather forcast is fantastic for this saturday.. HOBOKEN better be ready.. cuz we are coming to get her. The GDC family is all ready.. If you want to join us please do.. This is a bring your own booze to the staging area party... I am only making a small batch of punch, so please bring some juice to add to the juice.
If you are coming up with us, be at my house by
9am saturday morning.
we can all caravan or I can pack the bus
14th and washington ave by noon.
after parade, I have no idea where we are drinking, but I am sure we will be going strong til like 9pm...

Monday, February 26, 2007

had few interesting conversations the last 24 hours, and I think I am fed up with people... I am not going to bore you with details and with all the hate and crap around my life. But I am at a near end with my patience and my tolerance. This week is pretty low key til the weekend. I am hoping that I don't have a whole week of strife. A message for all the people out there who do not understand me or get me. STOP TRYNG.. I am a decent guy, with decent morals, and I like fun. I am not as complicated as you might thing. I am not diabolical or sorted. I do not have unpure intentions. I have a wife that I love. A job that is ok, and I have Somewhere where I can express myself with the photos that I take when I go out and do stuff. That is really it. Again, if you dont get that, stop trying. I am done trying to get people to like me. I am done being friendly to assholes and make beleive people. If you are my friend you know it, I am hazy this week on which friends are real or not, but I am hoping i can sort that out.

little new rule.
if you dont like me.. dont fake it anymore.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

sorry kids

i am like 3 nites of photos behind schedule. a tuesday @ bar a, freak at the liner and the plunge photos. I will get to it sunday nite after some wife time
SATURDAY, next Saturday... march 3rd.

We are Division Three and are asked to assemble at NOON on 14 & Washington Streets in Hoboken..
The Parade route officially begins at 13th & Washington and proceeeds down to a reviewing stand at 1st & Washinton.

That is all I know this time. I won't be making punch, well I might be, but folks This winter Golden Palace isn't around, so if you are coming to parade, bring some booze or cash to chip in. Or Married Man with a mortgage can't keep doing parades...

PLUNGE PHOTOS COMING SOON.. it was a good one

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Man Attacked with Sword While Watching Porn

- An Oconomowoc man heard a neighbor watching an adult film, but mistakenly thought a woman was being raped.

Bret Stieghorst was watching an adult movie with the volume up loud. His downstairs neighbor, James Van Iveren, heard a woman screaming in the movie, but thought a woman was actually being attacked. Instead of calling police, he took matters into his own hands, ran up the stairs and broke down the door, all while brandishing a three-foot long military-style sword.

"He comes in with this three-foot long sword and starts pointing it at me, and going, 'Where is she?'" Stieghorst said.

Van Iveren continued to point the sword at Stieghorst while he searched the apartment to make sure no woman was being held against her will. When Van Iveren did not find anyone else in the apartment, he left.

Van Iveren was charged with criminal trespass while using a dangerous weapon, criminal damage to property while using a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct while using a dangerous weapon, misdemeanors which carry a maximum total penalty of 33 months in jail.

"The fact that he was at least trying to do something good, that's at least good," Stieghorst said.

Neighbors agree.

"I would be happy if someone tried to save me," Kandy Kimball said. "I think he's a good guy. I feel bad for him."

"It's kind of nice that we live in a town where people don't just turn their back and look the other way," David Peterson said. "I don't think he should be charged with three crimes. I would like to see the courts work with him and give the guy a little break."

"It was a woman screaming," Van Iveren said of the Feb. 12 incident. "She was screaming for help."

He grabbed the sword, a family heirloom, bounded up the stairs to the other apartment, kicked in the door and confronted Stieghorst.

"I intended to hold it behind my back and knock. But I froze and instead, what happened happened," Van Iveren said. "Now I feel stupid. This really is nothing, nothing but a mistake."

Van Iveren said that he does not have a telephone, so he could not call police when he heard the calls for help. He said he barely knew Stieghorst.

"It had nothing to do with him," he said. "I didn't even know if he was there. It was the woman. I thought there was a woman."

"I walked in the front room and looked around. When I saw there was no woman, I left," he said. Van Iveren insisted that he never threatened the neighbor with the sword.

"I had the sword extended. But that was all," he said.

Van Iveren will appear in court March 5. Stieghorst said the incident will not deter him from watching pornography, but he'll have to alter his viewing habits.

"I'm just going to watch it with the sound down, or I'll buy myself some decent headphones," he said.

Additional coverage from Newsradio 620 WTMJ-AM

(The Associated Press contributed to this story)

Alaina Alexander and Nicole Tranquillo are my picks to get voted off from week one.
All the black girls kicked ass, the other white girls were boring,but these 2 stunk...

Most of the boys have a high risk of getting bumped off.. As far as personality and performance there are only like 3 that are any good..
The beatbox guy, the fat funny curly haired guy, and the bald guy that missed his baby' birth.

the rest should just not expect to be in it for long.

AS FOR stuff...

Today is the hockey game.. The magazine is almost fixed, but like always I lack the inspiration to push it through.. and people never give me there articles.. jay, wife, shawn from vegas.... and any one else that said they would do stuff...

tomorrow I work all day, but might go to the headliner to see FREAK and the barbellas will be out...

saturday is mayhem...
PLUNGE in SEASIDE around 10am arrival, 1pm jump.
NITE TIME the bus leaves the belmar rest stop around 630.. no one really confirmed, so i have no idea how many of my friends are going.. but we will see.

sunday I work

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

plunge baby plunge

the plunge is this saturday in seaside.. I dont think I am bringing the shortbus.. we have to register like 10am.. and the plunge is 12. Not sure exactly where we are meeting, but if you are part of the team, the theme this year is HAWAIIN..

Monday, February 05, 2007

weeks coming

today is monday, a cold boring,. errand filled monday. I went to mini dealer, the longbranch police department, the back home, wating for mrs gleny to get home to go to dinner ( dinner and nookie nite I HOPE)

this thursday I will be going to ladies nite again, it is the 4th one, and i think they are doing well with it. DJ Prime is the only dj I can actually listen to, so that is cool. And i think i made friends with one of the girls that dances on the boxes, so there should be a good set of photos this week.

Friday is DJ Dennis's bday... the official event dj and right hand man. I am not working, but I dont want to go out, so he might end up dragging me somewhere..

nothing else doing til the 16th.. and if you dont know what the 16th is by now.. then you are too late.