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Thursday, February 19, 2009

parade season is finally here

march is here and even though it is still crazy cold out there, the parades are here..

i have uploaded 2000 photos from past belmar parade days as an effort to get some enthusiams going.. feel free to steal you favorite shot of yourself for you m-spaces and f-books... i added 60 to my facebook as a teaser.. if you are not my facebook friend, what are you waiting for..
(glen dotcom)


before the parades there is one event that is a classic.. THE POLARBEAR PLUNGE is feb 28th this year, and it is SEASIDE again, which is great,cuz the cops are very chill and i am not sure what the theme will be this year, but i am thinking about a leapord thong and loin cloth for myself.. so come on out, if you wanna register early it is raise 100$ for special olympics, get a cool fleece. And free food.

ok, on to the schedule and some quick details

MARCH 1st... BELMAR parade... starting at PK shamrocks on 17th ave ... neighbor joe is bartending and i am pretty sure we will be glitter spraying everyone again. also a great place to grab your breakfast sammies..

MARCH 14th- SEASIDE parade.. not sure if we are going to sneak into parade with the bus or just bar hope yet.. either way, we hit BAMBOO, SAWMILL and KLEEs...

MARCH 21st - ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS.. the bus is once again being sponsored by our friends at THE CLAM HUT.. we are registered and dying to try out our new sound system..

as for the 7th.. it is a friend's bachelor party and i will be busy... the 17th is a tuesday so we will probably just do a little bar a stop... so much green this month..