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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Social media revolutionizing revolutions

Are u kidding me. Facebook and twitter are part of the reason the Egyptian protests were so vast and went crazy. The world we live in so was not the future they promised me when I was 10 years old.

It is kind of cool. But also absurd. I watch a lot of news. Seriously probably too much. I watch left and right. Trying to get a grasp on the world we live in. Twitter and fb are really a part of news. There was a guy on CNN that had a show middle of day. He really started letting the audience tweet (?) and he would show and reply. Rich Sanchez was his name. He was pretty good. But I am guessing he said the wrong thing, cuz he was just fired. 2009 Til now, Facebook had exploded exponentially. And now, every business, every news person, and almost like 1 in 5 or something have one. That is a level of connection that was never ever even thought possible. We are like a new civilization of people, kind of like star trek's "the Borg".
It is amazing and creepy. Scary and when u are alone you really aren't that far from someone else bored and alone too.

Now if face-twitters want to impress me. Resolve and fix Egypt's government and save some lives. And why haven't we been able to stalk al'queda's Facebook page yet and find their training shit. Oh well. Does those things and I will never knock twitter again

Monday, January 24, 2011

Steelers, homeless kids and pro-life

Glad the steelers beat the jets. 2 weeks Til superbowl party and the Gdc snack stadium. Also g'day will be a giant pep rally and I enjoy that. Filming for game show will begin.

In dc today there is a giant pro-life rally. I thought abortion issues were so 10 years ago. I never understood. If some one is pro-choice they can choose to not have an abortion. The whole American system is based on freedom of choices. Why or how does that not cover this. Anyways. I get annoyed at pro-life rallies when I see all that effort and passion and resources just going to waste. I just googled homeless kids in America. 1.5 million. How about u pro-lifers find a way to help those already born kids. Starving kids. They don't lift a finger. Unborn, they rally and protest and donate and do all kinds of stuff. Assholes

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mini blogs.

Mini blogs. I am just going to sometimes just do mini entries.

Obama should hire Richard Steele for something. Just watched his interview on Maddow, and he could be a central conservative voice that could help us all

Gop's 3rd action will be ban gov spending for abortion forever. Still no budget cuts, spending cuts, job or economy stuff either

Presidential candidates

Trump, rosanne Barr, sarah palin, mike huckabee.

Sp far those are names floating around to run against Obama on 2012. Interestingly, they all have or have had tv shows. remember when the GOP complained that Obama was too much of a celebrity? Or that he had no elected official experience? Classic stuff. I think they are all running on "hope and change"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From the news

Sarah palin is just the "snooki" of the GOP

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said on the cable network's show "Morning Joe" that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin resembles the darling of MTV's "Jersey Shore."

"She is Snooki. It's the same math. A younger generation, they want to watch this character with big hair, who's funny, you don't know what she's going to say," he said Wednesday.

More: "We watch her, she's interesting-looking, what's she going to say, she's campy, she's kitschy. It's telegenic, it's television, it's entertainment. That's the fascination."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another shooting, Facebook in juror decisions, NFL

Another crazy highschooler opened fire in a school. 3 shot. I am sure gun regulations are fine. Not fine. Kids and crazies shouldn't have guns

Texas using peoples Facebook pages to dismiss them as jurors. I a little too Orwellian and we are actually living in yhr future now. Btw, 4-6 years til they successfully clone an extinct mammoth.

Jets win, superbowl party cancelled and I watch at bar a, steelers win and g'day is a giant pep rally. Party at Cyndis. I think the packers will win but I don't care if bears do

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Yesterday was the Snuggie bar crawl so I forgot to pick em. I would have picked the steelers. But not the packers. Great steelers game, loved the ravens losing on a great defensive play by Pitt.

Today I think a Seattle upset is possible but not likely. And same for jets. I relate think the PAts win by 20

Friday, January 14, 2011

GOP, mlk, zodiac and redbull?

So this week after obama's memorial speech in tuscon, most of the right wing media complimented him and for a lot of them it was the first time they actually agrees he WAS our president. Step 1. Now if he fixes the unemployment rate he has a good chance at re-election.

Some schools are making kids go to school on mlk day Because of snow days. Tricky move. Riots coming for sure

Redbull is not for vegetarians. So red bull has taurine in it. Taurine is made from bull bial or stomach lining. I feel like and idiot. It is so obvious. Red bull? Bull on the label!! And really cows aren't the symbol of energy. It makes sense. Taurine. Latin root is Taur, mean bull. Interesting stuff folks

Zodiac signs were rearranged. Some state run astrology group said the earth tilted. Seriously. How does the earth shift on its axis and no one noticed? Well a lot of us have new signs, some stayed. I have heard people saying they are not changing signs, I have heard some people embrace it. I am the new sign. The naked guy with a snake. All said, this really feels like a Facebook hoax. We shall see.

Well that is my week
Oh yeah. Someone fire Sarah palin's speech writer asap.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The crazy bald terrorist guy in the dessert

He is a terrorist not just a crazy white guy. Why don't any of the news people call him that? The closest so far is Hilary, she called him an extremist.

I was reading Good and this was in there," According to the United States Law Code, terrorism is “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents.” New evidence alleges that Loughner possibly planned for years to assassinate Giffords, a prominent politician. Sounds a lot like terrorism to me. But a whole host of major media outlets seem to disagree."

I agree with that guy. The article goes on to say stuff like white guys that do terrorist things are crazy, Muslims that do them are terrorists. Shady world.

that is all, back to work and arguing with GOP people that won't agree with anything and change the topics away from anything constructive that will move America forward.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


I picked the one upset. The jets snuck an upset too. I absolutely do not think they have a chance against the pats

Sunday games. I haven't seen one kc game this year. All I know Is the ravens looked good offensively and defensively this season. If they all show up, the ravens can beat the cheifs.

We all know how I feel about Vick. 4 wins to a puppy. Today is win one. Everyone says what green bay has to do to beat the eagles. No one says what the eagles has to do. I think Vick at home gets at lest 300 combined yards, the only way greenbay can win is of they hit Vick 12 times. Maybe 2 hard sacks and an int. We shall see

Just watching the games at home. Feel free to text and what not.

Springer tomorrow. I think there are 16 of us!!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

NFL playlets

Today I believe "who dat gonna be them those saints" is gonna be the Seahawks. I also think the jets lose. Probably cuz of Sanchez.

Tomorrow I think the ravens beat kc in kc. And Vick will take his first step toward "4 wins for a puppy" by beating greenbay. I think on that game Aaron Rodgers takes a shot and gets his 3rd concussion of the season

And That is my on the record picks.

Back to work
Jerry springer fundraiser feild trip Monday is up to 17. And next Saturday is seaside Snuggie #2

Thursday, January 06, 2011

New battery in shortbus

Today I bought a new battery for the shortbus. It had the same that came with it from the junkyard like 5 years ago. Well now she has 2 new batteries. Cost was $65. So the this weeks's springer road trip will cover the battery and the next event might cover registration

15 of is are going to springer Monday. It will be a story we will surely be telling all year. Last time I wentwe were asked to leave. Hope they don't remember me. Haha

Day off. Just did the bus now some dinner at a new brick oven pizza joint in Asbury.

See ya out there

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The past

Well today and actually for like 9months. The past has been coming back to pester me.

Short story: a girl buddy of mine, we will not use her real name but long time fans would surely recognize her southern region marine sea life tattoos, has become or is about to become a teacher. I hadnt spoken to her or seen her for months before. Well she needs all her photos odd I took down the racy section right away. And gave it a little time for deleting. It just takes a lot of time to go through. has over 100,000 photos and the ones in question where from 2004-2007. just got the "my attorney will be contacting you" text. so that is my morning. I am not worried about the attorney. Law on my side. Public place, full knowledge of intent. What ever. It is the hassle and I am honestly try to help her out. Just hours of free time aren't that easy to come by and waste on a person who never did hours of favors for me. If that makes sense. And it is so low priority that when I am free it doesn't even come up in my mind

Anyways. That is my morning. And off to work I go

See u out there
Jay and I will be drunk tonight at bar a, stop by. Free beer for ya if u mention my blog

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Again a new year has started and I once again pledge to blog more. I am going to just open up to the world. The blog will include event stories, it will include when I have bad days. When I have good days. If I hate someone new, I am going to share it here from now on.

If I need to be humble. Here I shall be it.

Ok today someone accidentally called me inconspicuous. I laughed and said I think you mean conspicuous. So I looked it up, ya know on my iPhone app for it. And the definition is : marked by a noticeable violation of good taste.

That will be the new tag line of my blog.

Back to work I go
Have a good day and new year, I will see u out there


Jerry springer on the 10th, Snuggie seaside on the 15th. Prepay for ground hog road trip and get a press pass.