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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sorry for not blogging

About every 3rd entry is me not blogging enough. I am debating on trying twitter. And of course this year I will be trying to blog more

Winter at the jersey shore is actually my favorite season. Fun events and irony make for great times and memories

Snuggie bar crawl is coming. And I hope to film this event and share it with the world

Blog ya later and see u out there

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Jews must be happy

News and politics is crazy. But with all the gay bullying and Mexican border chasing, with all the Muslim hating and now that being black had it's 15 min of fame, the Jews are so far under the radar they must be super happy.

Like 2 weeks til mid terms and it seems like only the crazy candidates are getting any press. Abolish 2 party system and just have candidates who want to apple problem from for office. I have heard like 3 people even offer any ideas.

Question. Why do republicans hate infrastructure building. I mean we rebuild nations all the time. Iraq and pakastan recently. Why not like Nj or some USA levies?

On a lighter note. Halloween is coming, and that is always a good time. Friday happy hour @ bar a. Headliner that nite. Saturday is the zombie walk and satrday nite is bar a's Halloween. Lots of happy hours those 2 days. Ask about em. Or Facebook me. Sunday we are back in the NYC Halloween parade thanks to captain John.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

GOP pledge

I just read the 30 something page pledge to america. It has about 12 paragraphs of action. About 20 pages of democrat bashing. 10 full color pages of sappy American shit. ie. The statue of liberty anf mt rushmore.

It is basically just we hate Obama. Actually say to end his kenysian experiment. Little racist dig. Nice GOP. And just repeal anything he has done. Of the GOP get the control of the senate. Obama really will be blocked on the next 2 years. And we will all still be in the shitter

Ok. My breakdown of the pledge-
Revoke stimulus
Obolish forever tarp
Tax cuts for the rich like crazy
And vote out all the healthcare reform

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crazy politics

I can't break it all down. But holy extreme right Wing Christ Nazis. 5 no exception ban abortion GOP nominations. I really think that if the GOP gets 51 seats. They are going to ban abortion nation wide. And dems don't have the balls to stop them

The GOP guy running for NY governor is absolutely the creepiest guy to run for office in a while. He got caught emailing horse fucking a girl video and when they ask him, he just says "I could see how that could offend some kinds of people" then goes on record to say he is a person of cristian conservative values. Classic.

Some serious elections coming. I am still hoping the dems keep 51 seats

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Could political over promising cost 11 senate seats?

10 weeks til election. Senate is 60dems. So of the GOP wants senate control they need 11 more wins. That is a tall order. Not impossible, they did it after Clinton. And Obama is the dem party leader, ya know cuz he is the president and what not. He really over promised the last year.
I don't think all his goals were realistic and I have trouble thinking people thought he would do all he said in 2 years. And sure as shit the GoP haven't helped him with anything, hate newsing, fillabustin', trying to convince America he is a Muslim and not an actual American. Shit like that. And further more the dem party is a stack of pussies. They have all the control and pass a few half assed laws and plans.
Back on point. I doubt the GOP will gain control of the senate. And really fair fetched to take the house. But we will see.

That is all, I was taking a shit and was thinking politics.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Jews are not going to like that

Today in news

Iran unveils long range missle. ---Trouble.

Combat troops almost out. ---- but regular troops by the 1000s are still there.

Miners---- 33 miners Alive and stuck under ground. They sent them a note that they can get them out by Christmas. Holy fuck suck. If u think you were having a bad day. At least u aren't a traed miner.

Mosque--- what the crap. The dual protests today, one for, one against both went peaceful. Lame.

Eggs are bad again.

Friday, July 16, 2010

iPhone and bp

Yah the oil cap is holding. My predictions. The job number will rise for a few months spending bp money to fix the spill. I think 1 good hurricane and most of it will clean itself. Seafood prices will sore for like 18 months, but because business will exploit spill. Like when gas went to $4 for no reason cus we were at war with oil country

iPhone. Get a case. Antenna problem fixed. I doubt it will go verism before June. If at all. I am waiting to heat steve jobs just say no. No I don't like verizon. So no iPhone for verizon. 10% off if u drop ur vevrizon and come to AT&T.

Take your meds
See u out there

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

todays news

i had a few hours to watch the news..

here is my take

THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE... every time i comment on 9-11 stuff, i always catch a lot of heat.. i am gonna make this basic.. why haven't we build a building there yet? in dubai, they build the tallest building in the world in 6 years.. we have nothing at 9-11.. i think people that are against the mosque there, yes they are racist.. I do think if they made a mosque there, that would just be asking for hassle and headache and hate.. i dont think a place of worship of any kind would make sense there.. build a few office buildings and a monument park.. should be done already

GULF OIL CAP... i am writing this as the guy who is in charge of todays BP oil capping is about to make a press statement.. over 80 days. get the leak stopped and take 3 years to clean it up.. and I do beleive that BP knew it was dangerous, but i mean it is drilling for oil a mile under sea level... we all knew it was dangerous.. on a political spin on the spill, i do love the republicans already flip flopping to be pro environment.. and that a cleaner earth is a cheaper earth.. that slays me..


OBAMA TEA PARTY RACISTS... yes, tea party people are racist.. and I don't think any of the rich white people in politics ever gave obama a fair shake, not one bit, not even a little.. but i still say he will get re-elected cuz the GOP has no one to run.. and probably a strong independent candidate might run in 2012...

that is enough about news...
see you out there

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

i wish more people would

read my blog, send me fansigns, think i am a nicer guy...

weekly fun stories coming soon, and i guess everyone just reads facebook.. so check their for my events....

Friday, July 02, 2010

iPhone 4

Love my new iPhone. I recently had the 3G. And the iPhone 4 is so, so much faster. I love it

I haven't dropped any calls yet but there is a glitch when I video commentate too much and flip around. The flash dissappears. I just reset and it is back. I use the flash from the video as a working flashlight. Very handy. Very.

Love the photo booth feature and front camera. I will be video blogging like crazy now. I am back to work. So see ya out there


Saturday, May 29, 2010

midget cruise

Captains log

5-21-10... About 2pm.

We are safely in our state room.. Iggy, Louie and I are all set for adventure… the ship is cool.. I mean the it has bars and ice cream all over the place.. I have already eaten twice and we haven’t left the port yet. So that and booze, I am probably looking for about 30,000 calories expected. The wi fi isn’t free, so I have chosen to just give my self 30mins a day.. So I doubt I will get to chat with all my land locked friends.. If you have something pressing, obviously email me, I will probably budget my time into a few log in and logs out through out the day.

Already booked for tomorrow is a 5 pub bar crawl… we are quite excited.. And the Hawaiian shirts will make their debut… first off I immediately want to thank Dicky. He is the coordinator of this trip.. I guess there are like 40 of us… He has his event planning shit together.. I mean he is like 50, so he has a few years on me, but just to give you a taste.. The tour bus picked us up near the midgets house and not 10minutes after we were rolling, the bloody Marys were flying… now it wasn’t a rookie Mary, they had olive, celery and a jumbo shrimp cocktail.. So of course I had 2 and if anyone knows, I am allergic to shellfish, and the effects are fantastic.. It makes me whacky.. Yes whacky.. So 2 of those, and then the golden showers, I mean golden margarita’s started… and as soon as that happened, Big Dicky put in the Jimmy Buffet DVD… so clutch..

Did I Mention he had door prizes,,, it was stuff he probably accumulated over the years, but he gave everyone a ticket and people loving winning.. I won a MILLER HIGH LIFE t-shirt and a gold ball floatie game thing, that he took a marker and scratched out FOXWOODS and put BERMUDA on it. We arrived on time and checked in ..

Alright… going to the BOAT DRILL.. Never quit on safely…

About 4pm-------

We took our first dip in the pool… but were asked to not slide down the pirate’s cove slide as it is for children… I mean the midgets are below 36inches… haha… oh well…We hit the casino. And ate a few dinners… actually I hadn’t slept since like Wednesday nite, so we were asleep by like 10pm

5-22-10 early to rise…

We tapped into our stow away vodka and had about a dozen illegal cocktails… Louie even had a beer… I was a little shaky in the morning with the seasickness, but don’t you worry.. I still carried on the consiment party professional that I am.. The Pub Crawl started at 130.. 5 bars, and 5 drinks, in like 2 hours… we also had a few challenges.. Without embarrassing myself too much, I got chosen as team representative… for the honkey tonk padunka dunk dance contest… I came in 5th place out of 6 teams.. Rough… we made a flag out of a napkin and some ketchup and we had a fuckin blast… but we didn’t win MVDs… oh well.. We wanted to do karaoke but it was pre-empted due to the Celtics game.. The bar a was busy with Boston fans… The 70s dance party was kind of cool.. But too many people who actually used to party in the 70s were there…

Casino score after 2 days… Iggy-even…. Louie- down like $40, Geny - down like $120

5-23-10 BERMUDA day 1

11am and we have embarked onto Bermuda.. We stayed close to the ship today. Visited the brand new snorkel park beach… it was alright, kind of mini jenkensons… had a few rum swizzles… saw some bikini girls… The water is super blue here… a little windy and the sun is hot.. 2 hours and I am tan already… and don’t worry ladies…I have some tan lines to prove it. We spent a good part of the afternoon talking to locals planning our day tomorrow… as of right now we are doing coral beach, crashing the heritage parade, the after party festival and then some flanigans for dinner…

We had some dinner, then karokeed for a few hours.. It was just 10-12, but they extended it 90 minutes. A fantastic time.. Lots of singing and singing along… Met some cougars.

5-24-10 Bermuda day 2

Woke up and it was rainy… we had to adjust our plans.. Instead of 2 beachs, we went with the crystal caves . They looked like any other cavern style caves.. It was a fun time.. And when we emerged from the caves, the sun was shining.. We took the pink bus to Hamilton and enjoyed the heritage parade. We found 2 nice sets of locals to tailgate with, they gave us some drinks and some grub. New cougar friend Tammy couldn’t get enough of little local black kid photos.. I swear she is going to buy herself one when she gets back to the states. We learned about traditions and the GUMBEYs.. Danced a lot, took tons of photos.. Even got to march a few blocks with a family and their steel drum band.

We came back, swam a little and showered. Had a nice sushi dinner with iggy and Amanda. Dinner was excellent.. Above average sushi, but let met tell you it was the best green tea ice cream/ coconut ice cream combo sundae I have ever had. Then went to the on ship’s Disco lounge. Iggy had a blast playing musical booty dancing chairs.. He got booted near the end and we had a very fun nite…

5-25-10 Bermuda day 3

We swapped our day 2 and day 3 plans, so we had to see HORSESHOE, CORAL and ELBOW beach today, the last day here. However the weather was not cooperative early.. So the travel group of 7 from day 2 was widdled down to Iggy and I. We delayed our excursion til like noon… but then we hopped on the Bus and headed to ELBOW beach. We got off the bus a stop too late and had to walk down this windy path back towards ELBOW beach. We came across a reggae style garbage man who recognized us from the parade.. We absolutely love that. The was very windy, and it wasn’t as pink as it could have been cuz of the recent rains.. We climbed on rocks, took some photos and marched on.. We headed south looking for CORAL beach, but we came to some rock.. So we cut through a resort, only to find out that we had walked onto CORAL beach and then to its end without even knowing.. We cut through the resort and after hopping a fence ran into Karen, the heads grounds keeper.. Talked to her a few minutes, helped her with some flower planting and were on our way..

We hopped back on the bus and headed back towards the ship with only 1 beach left on the list.. Horseshoe bay beach. It was really nice, we climbed a little lava rock mountain to get some awesome views and took some photos and carried on.. Once gain jumping on the bus to head to the rum cake factory. Also bought some bovine at a DOCKSIDE PHARAMCY.. Very shady sounding.. Got souvenirs. Boarded the boat, swam in pool and showered.. The we went to fine dining at the WINDOWS restaurant on the ship.. OK food, OK company.. Louie was acting up and a few of the party were wearing on me with their lack of charm. But I ate and smiled.. Tonight they had the ship’s WHITE HOT WHITE PARTY… Louie, Iggy and I had gotten extra white sheets from the porters and made some slammin togas.. Amazingly enough, no one else on board made toga… we were a huge hit.. Lots of people wanted our photos, the cruise director booked us for Wednesday nite’s comedy show.. Should be interesting and a few people bought us drinks..

Oh we also got to dance to ON A BOAT.. And of course I videoed it,, that will be you tube gold.

5-26-10 ON our way…show biz

We embarked yesterday and with the help of the motion sickness pills, I slept great.. Iggy and I walked around the ship eating and promoting our show tonight.. It was a nice relaxing day.. Then we swam and ate some more.. And ate some more.. Now we wait..

Once underway we met with Paul the cruise director about being in his one man comedy act.. The midgets got to take the stage and do the high-low on him, I ran up and wrangled them with the whistle.. It was a very good time…

5-27-10 walked around ship mingling all day, drinking and what not.. The cruise director paul and the boys and I had a great dinner tonight.. On pay of course.. I ate so much shelfish I was inches from going into ani-shock… good times.. Watched some improv comedy and a sleazy game show. The midgets did a few promo spots for pauls stand up comedy and we went to bed around 12

5-28-10 docking..

We pulled in around sunrise, did a few laps around the ship to say good bye to the crew and a few passengers then disembarked. We stood at the costums exit and took photos with the passengers we liked

And were accused of working for the ships some more.. Then we boared the bus to maine.. Great cruise.. I ate so much, I think I may never need to eat again.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bus support

A few of you donated and I love that. Still a long ways to covering repairs. Paypal to

Tina tink has volunteered to do some creative fund raising. You are all going to enjoy her plans. I think I maybe selling bus calendars if I have enough photos with the bus and hotties. If not, anyone wanna roll around on, in, or next to her ? Let me know

Midget cruise coming. And zo's intimate bday in ac. And then a full June it looks like. Camping, mermaid parade. And I have a wedding and a trip to gettsburg lined up.
July has a Jack Johnson already. Any other ideas? Let me know. Maybe Joe-fest.

Well hve a happy milf day to all that applies.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

a pretty eventful spring so far

Well the spring events have been quite colorful... Medieval times was amazing.. 36people came,everyone prepaid ( for the most part ) and it didn't have to shell out tons of money for this event.. this event really is setting a precedent for the future.. I love fun, I love the gathering of people and all the excitement, but it has been a long time coming that I shouldn't have to pay the lion share.. so lately people have really been stepping it up and I appreciate it..

on a bus note.. on the way home from the phillies game last Sunday, which was an awesome game, a great tailgate.. well except for some bitchy phillies girls next to us in the lot, the bus got 2 blow out flat tires.. Don't worry, my driving prowess once again saved lives.. The bus had to be towed and some of us didn't get home til 6am, and when starting at noon the day before that is a long tailgate i tell ya.. Well the bus needs 4 new tires and a few of my friends have already started chipping it.. it warms my cockals.. and for those of you that know me, my cockals are pretty warm on a regular basis.

oh how do you donate you say? pay pal works..., or you can hand me cash.. hell you can give it to a friend of mine and they will hand deliver it.. We may have a fundraiser camping trip if anyone is into that.. or fundraiser river rafting! not a bad idea right, would just be like what it would cost and an extra $25 or something.. wait.. look at that!! is that donate button?

and all proceeds will go to keeping the shortbus going another season! Mermaid Parade, 2 Jimmy Buffet concerts, a few PNC shows.. camping trips.. she has a lot of love left to give folks.. if everyone out there who ever had fun on the bus gives $25 we can keep her going easily, have some extra to throw some fun events and maybe even pay for my divorce

thanks and i will see you out there

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

spring is in the air

spring is here and i made it through another winter carnival of events.. and boy did it take its toll..

but i have recharged and regrouped and personally things are looking upwards.. Some fun events for april are

blueclaws for $1 on saturday april 17th..
medieval times on sunday april 25th.. 30 people paid and ready to go.. the carivan leaves around noon.. wear your craziest blue outfits..

may 2nd - phillies vs mets road trip.. the bus is going, if you want tickets, buy some , i think we are just drinking and watching in the bar... bus leaves around 2pm

and also something new and fun, learning how to take 3-d photos on my phone and i think i am going to try to do some 3d video.. at medieval times, i am going to be filming the first RoadShow.. of course belmar Matt Damon is my co-host and we are adding some Moxie to the mix... this is Moxie.

I have no idea what else is in store for the summer, but i feel like it is gonna be a better than ok time. see ya out there

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Summer is here

And to celebrate, I will be bar tending one nite at the wonderbar in Asbury park tomorrow. Across street from convention hall. Cheap $1 beers and 80s themed Dj.

Everyone should come out.

Lots of events coming up this spring. Befriend me on facebook to keep up

Phillies trip, blueclaws, Amish camping, maybe island camping before summer, medieval times. And a few others. Come on people. Get involved.

Also I have been toying with 3d photography and I think the first episode of manroom on the go from the medieval times tailgate may just be in 3d. So get ur glasses to be ready.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

home depot

so i was home depot today with santina.. she needed a new dryer hose.. so i walk up to the sale person in the washer dryer section and attempt to make a joke..

gleny: So my girlfriends fell in the pool today, where the dryer hose at? (drier ho's)
salesperson: what?

gleny: dryer hose? get it drier ho's?...

it did not go over as funny as it did in my head...

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Idol blog

Last nite's American idol was horrible. (3-1-10). It was the Guys nite and 2 out 10 were barely ok. The other 8 sucked. And I mean really sucked. This is the 2nd week of top 24 and I can't even remember anyones name. That is a bad sign.

I hope the girls tonight are better cuz they blew last week too.

Side note if the fun kills me this weekend. I thank u all. Changing slogan. A high brow web experience with a low brow feel.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

mid way through the winter

still have the plunge coming up, and then 2 parade days and then the pillow fight in nyc to close out the winter carnivale..

lots of new photos on and i am still trying to blog a lot... a friend of mine is starting a short story blog and although i can't write short stories, she has been trying to get me to write long essays.. I go into these rants and he says i should just write them down and he can pound them into a diamond..

i am not going to write one now.. but i am going to tell a little story about the headliner annual pajama party...

it was last saturday, saturday the 20th.. it was i think the 4th year they have had it, and this by far was the best turn out. A lot of people where in pjs... not as many as could have been in sexy stuff, but i like a small tank top and some really thin pj pants fine enough.. we started at bar a for a free happy hour, 930-1030, they were having their half way to summer or summer reunion party and what not.. It was a really fast and booze filled hour.. then we headed over to the headliners. I ended up taking over 300 photos and posted about 190...

makes me miss that i forgot to have my own pj at the gleny dot compound this year.. maybe something here soon.. I am thinking jungle theme maybe...

well see you all saturday for the plunge, friday nite is tiki stadium for my first ever mechanical bull ride... i know i am so going to hurt myself

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another snow day!

Well I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks. A lot of people are probably wondering what I have been up to. Ok, well a few people realistically. with all this facebooking, less people read my blog, but I am hoping to bring em back.

last week we went to Jerry springer in CT. It was a riot. The first taping was mainly girls fighting cuz they were humping the same guys. Always classic. However the second taping we got escorted out of. This really was a new low for me, actually being below the social standards for springer. Mother fuckin springer? Really? Trannies, midgets, the Klan? But gleny and the blonde squad were too much.

The blonde squad? Yes. This winter I met 3 of the cutest fubbest blondes. They love camera and gave puppy like energy. Look for them at everything!

The annual groundhog trip was excellent. Well except for magic rack losing her mind. I mean I half expected it. But ya still hope it doesn't happen. Drama rack unfriended me on facebbok but is still dating one of best friends. We shall see how that all plats out. The inner circle told me that on my 10th year, I get to be an honorary member. Very excited. 2014 here I come!

this coming Monday is the 3 rd sleeve if the triple crown of snuggie fun ; snuggie karoke at bilows in Neptune. Everyone should come.

Well that catches u up to speed I think. "sleep is like a warm shower for your mind"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

jet jets jets

i think they have a great chance today! if the defense holds and sanchez beleives.. they can do it..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

mystery rack of jan 2010

a lost tradition i would like to start up again... Gleny fans out there, send me photos of nice racks.. clothed or bra-ed or bare, it doesn't matter, just sent them in... and once a month i will pick my favorite, of course judging on several factors. And also if too many start coming in, i will find ways to use all the great ones

Monday, January 11, 2010

and that is why

and that is why isn't a sports site, i only got 1 pick correct yesterday, not very good.. i am still sticking with the vikings going all the way, but i guess it will probably be the colts, like everyone and their mother has said from the beginning about peyton manning... but ray rhodes did say that the jets are probably the superbowl favorites... you have to love big fat nfl coaches the best!

on another note.. 2 girls spots for gday left

Saturday, January 09, 2010

nfl playoffs

today is wild card weekend. and here are my picks

jets over cinci.. well if sanchez doesn't throw 2 interceptions
new england destroys baltimore ... and i still say new england can get to the superbowl

Philly will squeak out a win over dallas, i hope vick is involved
Green bay will beat arizona but who really cares..


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

a few current movies

invictus - i really enjoyed this movie, it was about a political leader and was zero political. it was about rugby and the world cup and getting africans to get along.. i think it had a really cool soundtrack and well morgan freeman and matt damon did ok with the accents and didnt distract me from enjoying the sport scenes

up in the air - i have really liked the last few Clooney movies, the Goats one was great and he is quite charming on screen.. in this movie he gives motivational speeches about a back pack and how if you fill it with too much life shit, it wears ya down.. that spoke to me, my new back pack is going to be just the essentials.. i am keeping it lite from now on.

lovely bones - hated every second of this movie, had to watch it in 3 parts just to force my way through it.. even more than the acting or the camera works, were the lame special effects of purgatory and a god awlful ending. I may never see another peter jackson movie again, this movie was so bad it actually took away from how good the lord of rings trilogy and district 9 were

time travelers wife - got about half way through and gave up
brothers - also couldnt finish it
precious - about 20minutes in i slit my wrist and had to stop watching it

the blind side - LOVED this movie... i am not sure why, it was a good flick, i felt good watching it, it was well made and i even bought bullock's accent, which i was sure i wouldn't

AVATAR - was pretty much exactly what i expected, it was special effects masturbation and a decent story , acting was beleivable enough and i like when the underdog wins, even though you know they are going to the whole time.. no surprises but not a waste of time

SHERLOCK HOLMES - a great set up for about 4 movies.. it was good, action was nice, robert downey jr is really untouchable the last few years in money making movies.. tropical thunder, iron man, this one, then next iron man... he is on fire folks!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

superbowl picks

just wanted to say way to go jets for a great game and a shot in the playoffs.. of course they wont go far, but good work for keeping their heads up and getting to the playoffs.. rookie head coach, rookie playoffs and plenty of chances for them to jets their way out of this season.

but realistically like i have been saying since day 1... VIKINGS VS PATS in the superbowl, it is the match up i like best, and i think it is totally possible.. the eagles and cowboys love to beat themselves , the saints look like garbage the last few weeks...

on the AFC side it comes down to colts vs pats almost every year and peyton is great but brady is greater... we will see