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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Jews must be happy

News and politics is crazy. But with all the gay bullying and Mexican border chasing, with all the Muslim hating and now that being black had it's 15 min of fame, the Jews are so far under the radar they must be super happy.

Like 2 weeks til mid terms and it seems like only the crazy candidates are getting any press. Abolish 2 party system and just have candidates who want to apple problem from for office. I have heard like 3 people even offer any ideas.

Question. Why do republicans hate infrastructure building. I mean we rebuild nations all the time. Iraq and pakastan recently. Why not like Nj or some USA levies?

On a lighter note. Halloween is coming, and that is always a good time. Friday happy hour @ bar a. Headliner that nite. Saturday is the zombie walk and satrday nite is bar a's Halloween. Lots of happy hours those 2 days. Ask about em. Or Facebook me. Sunday we are back in the NYC Halloween parade thanks to captain John.