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Monday, March 10, 2014

Asbury Parade was Amazing

Yesterday was an amazing day for me. When I joined the Asbury park parade committee I did to just be in a parade. Ya know. Have some fun and an excuse to wear a costume. Over the year of planning and meetings and trying to get people into it, there were a lot of times that it seemed really up hill.

A lot of the city and businesses and people didn't think much of the parade. There was a core of believers and the committee (I could list em all but they didn't do it for credit. They did it for the community) that wanted it. That willed it. And that got it done.

The parade went off without a hitch. People came out. The town was alive and everyone was appreciative. There was this personal moment when we turned the floats into ocean avenue and there were 1000s of people there, I hopped on my little scooter and rode into the best day of my life. I was overwhelmed. And it is going to take days to gather myself and really reflect on how much making something meant to me.

I am emotional. That is how I am made. I loved everyone of my friends yesterday. I will get around to thanking you all personally. But just know that I appreciate you all. From the people that scrambled to balloon together the float decorations. To the bands that played. To the fan van team, to Johnny macs himself. And then all the camera friends that covered the sceene to people that screamed and cheered as we marched. 86 in our group. We showed Asbury what a good time with great friends looks like. It is something they won't forget and neither will I.

Thank you all. Love you too

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Belmar parade

Belmar parade weather... Looks like an Irish weather day. Brisk and cloudy. The upside. Barely any wind and it starts dry. By 4pm we should all be liquored up. The weak will probably leave. And a great day will be had. 

Pk shamrocks. 10am. Hope they have specials. see ya there. The annual Gleny team meet up is a great time. match to bar a around 12:30. Bar a 1-dark. Ps. Team tony is bartending outside by ladies room. 

I am hoping for 400+ photos and will be giving out a tom virtual awards. Come find me

7322168595. Just in case