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Friday, May 13, 2011

Moxie. Pirates. Mom bday celebration part 2.

Scooter. Yup. I found a scooter and I love it. Go on my Fb and check out me riding it. Scooter stunt show this summer.

2 days off in a row and kept busy. Saw Thor yesterday. Ate mcdonalds. Took a few hundred photos of moxie. I will post some. Maybe make her a little Gleny girl folder. I have probably taken over a 1000 of her. Maybe 2000.

Friday nite is pirate happy hour at bar a. Cyndi mom still celebrating her bday. Will be a blast.

Thor. I liked it. It was exactly what I thought it was going to be. Heart u Natalie Portman. Lots of action. Ok cgi.

Ate at stella marina last week in Asbury and if some one wants to buy u dinner. This is the place. Great and I mean great food. But very expensive

Sunday, May 08, 2011

everyone should get their tuxedo tshirts/ tank tops ASAP

$6 TUX tshirts

this summer there is going to be a summer formal casual tux and short event.. just be ready, get your shirts early

Lagonsta lounge

Went to jazz brunch at langonsta lounge in Asbury for mothers day. I am in the restaurant business for more than half my life and I really don't like that place. But today try pushed the limits of disappointment. Half hearted waitress performance doubled by an hour wait. Ok. Holidays, fancy places... I get waiting. This was a fixed brunch menu. I had a lobster BLT, we had a scrambled eggs, a poached egg thing and 2 orders of premade lobster enchiladas. Seriously. In an hour, I could have gone to store bought food and cooked the meal. The eggs were eggs so i guess they tasted good. But that BLT was absolute garbage.

Absolute garbage. I got burnt bread and after an hour wait. An hour after the apps, I got the ass end of bread. Each half of sandwich had 1 lunch of claw meat. But all it tasted like was mayo and burnt. Really. I love the idea of a lobster BLT. But won't ever eat there again, not even if you are buying.

Well happy mother day to all that applies too. See ya our there to the mo-fo's too

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

give it up for the newest member of TEAM 6

on a serious note.. it is one of those times where everyone loves america and TEAM 6 of the Navy Seals got the job done, to whom ever they are.. thanks..

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Classic moment

Ok Saturday nite was the presidential comedy thing and rip into Donald trump, now he actually cut into this weeks celebrity apprentice to announce we killed Osama bin laden. Classic