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Thursday, March 04, 2010

home depot

so i was home depot today with santina.. she needed a new dryer hose.. so i walk up to the sale person in the washer dryer section and attempt to make a joke..

gleny: So my girlfriends fell in the pool today, where the dryer hose at? (drier ho's)
salesperson: what?

gleny: dryer hose? get it drier ho's?...

it did not go over as funny as it did in my head...

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Idol blog

Last nite's American idol was horrible. (3-1-10). It was the Guys nite and 2 out 10 were barely ok. The other 8 sucked. And I mean really sucked. This is the 2nd week of top 24 and I can't even remember anyones name. That is a bad sign.

I hope the girls tonight are better cuz they blew last week too.

Side note if the fun kills me this weekend. I thank u all. Changing slogan. A high brow web experience with a low brow feel.