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Saturday, May 26, 2007

manroom summer season teaser

june 3rd -- back to the future episode
june 10th -- regular show with double fetish segment
june 17th -- circus extravaganza
june 24th -- still in the works... might be onlocation show.. need a location.
july 1st -- the sunday spectaculor, independence bbq episode.. live on sunday, retape on monday

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

been so busy i haven't blogged

sorry folks, i haven't had much time to blog.. What have i not blogged about.. hmm.... well episode 8 of the manroom show is next monday, we are over 1.6 million veiwers for the first 7 shows. So hard to beleive, but the world is eating this up!

so this week, we are doing a themed show... MANROON SHOW 2007- A SPACE ODDITY... should be great, AXEL FOLEY is the featured music act and it is going to be fun and frisky..


A full length preakness feature is in the works.. that was the first leg of the GDC triple crown of fun.. the 2nd jewel is the MERMAID PARADE and the 3rd jewel is JAYFEST 2007... keep watching for details.