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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday afternoon

just sitting on the couch with the wife. Just ate grilled chicken and now watching original willy wonka. It is only a matter of time before we opt for dessert. Summers last weekend is here and you all know what that means.... The autumn bonanza is on the way; camping, Halloween, my bday. Tons of stuff and half the crowd

Not sure If we are going out tonight or not, I will keep you posted. PS. Kat loves photos of poop, pass it on.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


i think obama's speech was great tonight.. i definitely like him finally attacking a little, and when he mentioned that he and mccain and all of america are americans and loved their country, i really think that will end the debate of the obamas not being patriots..

i do like how all the dems really were on message about saying mccain was a great soldier and how he is a great american, but right away say his judgment sucks and he will just give us 4 more years of bush crap.

well i dont like to get too political, but i am even more pro obama than before.. any thoughts?

to be or not to be...

so tonight the wife and i along with the HB and his gf, and dave and paragraphs went to see HAMLET 2.. ok today was a non day.. wife and i sat on the couch most of the day, her hungover and me lazy.. so when Paragraphs called to do something, we jumped at it.. and we jumped into going to see HAMLET 2

short reviews are my thing.. the movie was about 60% fresh like rotten tomatoes said.. It had a few belly laughs, but basically was just silly and ridiculous.. i would have to say though in a summer with a lot of good movies, it was near the bottom of what I have seen.. I mean Pineapple Express and Tropical Thunder were both way better than this one, if you want to compare them to laughable flicks.. The lead in HAMLET 2 was genius at times.. but if you haven't seen everything else out, i wouldn't recommend this one..

good nite
about to go watch OBAMA on the DVR speech... another blog might be coming after that.. maybe an update from the iphone..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a shitty hump day...

ok, so i went to bed feeling well.. went to bar a last nite, had a couple drinks, mostly hang out with the wife, and ended up running into a few old friends.. neighbor joe was there as well as the HB and his gf.. and Matt Damon and some other scragglers. It was a decent enough time.. no major highlights, no blow my mind photo opps..

any who.. i wake up today around 1130 for the first time.. Dizzy and exhausted.. shaking and what not.. I go to check my blood pressure, for those who dont know i have like extreme hyper tension, like my 2 doctors have a pool to when i am having my frist stroke.. the pressure was pretty good for me 130/95.. which is about as good as it gets.. so feeling like shit, i go back to bed til like 2.. still i woke up fuzzy..

long story short I just rolled out of bed again, it is like 630... my office computer wont start.. seems to me like a power supply issue.. i am a little tweaked, actually using the wife's desktop ( which is new xmas and she barely uses it)

yesterday I took some promo shots for UPPER LEVEL entertainment group.. It is a bunch of DJs, Dj Prime and Dj Johnny are in it.. So the shoot went well.. It kind of inspired and idea.. Anyone out there need promo shots or headshots.. $100 headshots... let me know.. I quit my job last week and while looking, a little recreational income would be nice.. plus you aren't going to find them any cheaper than that.. just email.. or you can and send me a message

well yesterday was good, today is just starting but it doesn't look great so far..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

from iphone

just a fast test. Blog works from my iPhone.

sorry it has been so long

i have taken like 6 months off from blogging and for that i apologize.. I have also taken most of july and august off from being Well I worked too much and all kinds of other stuff kept me from keeping up.

that will change. Starting tomorrow nite, i will be back out there being and ass and taking some great photos at bar a . I have really been beefing up my portfolio this summer though, and maybe i will even start to share some of my more professional stuff.

as for my blog.. I will be making an attempt to blog daily.. Of course like in the past a decent amount of people will read it, but no one really comments.. I will use it more to vent..

tomorrow's topic.. what summer 08 has taught me... there might even be a rant about how much people judge me.. and seriously people are way too uptight anymore..

also a promise to include 1 video a week... and i will probably do another shower blog, been getting a lot of heat about not doing a 2nd one.

FAST SUMMER REVIEW OF tropical thunder... It was absurdly fabulous.. I highly recommend it and well it might offend you, i laught out loud and well often laughed so hard i teared up a little bit.. Stiller did a great job, jack black was ridiculous... and well rober downey jr killed it.. might be his best comedy work ever..

camping coming soon