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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Could political over promising cost 11 senate seats?

10 weeks til election. Senate is 60dems. So of the GOP wants senate control they need 11 more wins. That is a tall order. Not impossible, they did it after Clinton. And Obama is the dem party leader, ya know cuz he is the president and what not. He really over promised the last year.
I don't think all his goals were realistic and I have trouble thinking people thought he would do all he said in 2 years. And sure as shit the GoP haven't helped him with anything, hate newsing, fillabustin', trying to convince America he is a Muslim and not an actual American. Shit like that. And further more the dem party is a stack of pussies. They have all the control and pass a few half assed laws and plans.
Back on point. I doubt the GOP will gain control of the senate. And really fair fetched to take the house. But we will see.

That is all, I was taking a shit and was thinking politics.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Jews are not going to like that

Today in news

Iran unveils long range missle. ---Trouble.

Combat troops almost out. ---- but regular troops by the 1000s are still there.

Miners---- 33 miners Alive and stuck under ground. They sent them a note that they can get them out by Christmas. Holy fuck suck. If u think you were having a bad day. At least u aren't a traed miner.

Mosque--- what the crap. The dual protests today, one for, one against both went peaceful. Lame.

Eggs are bad again.