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Sunday, January 24, 2010

jet jets jets

i think they have a great chance today! if the defense holds and sanchez beleives.. they can do it..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

mystery rack of jan 2010

a lost tradition i would like to start up again... Gleny fans out there, send me photos of nice racks.. clothed or bra-ed or bare, it doesn't matter, just sent them in... and once a month i will pick my favorite, of course judging on several factors. And also if too many start coming in, i will find ways to use all the great ones

Monday, January 11, 2010

and that is why

and that is why isn't a sports site, i only got 1 pick correct yesterday, not very good.. i am still sticking with the vikings going all the way, but i guess it will probably be the colts, like everyone and their mother has said from the beginning about peyton manning... but ray rhodes did say that the jets are probably the superbowl favorites... you have to love big fat nfl coaches the best!

on another note.. 2 girls spots for gday left

Saturday, January 09, 2010

nfl playoffs

today is wild card weekend. and here are my picks

jets over cinci.. well if sanchez doesn't throw 2 interceptions
new england destroys baltimore ... and i still say new england can get to the superbowl

Philly will squeak out a win over dallas, i hope vick is involved
Green bay will beat arizona but who really cares..


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

a few current movies

invictus - i really enjoyed this movie, it was about a political leader and was zero political. it was about rugby and the world cup and getting africans to get along.. i think it had a really cool soundtrack and well morgan freeman and matt damon did ok with the accents and didnt distract me from enjoying the sport scenes

up in the air - i have really liked the last few Clooney movies, the Goats one was great and he is quite charming on screen.. in this movie he gives motivational speeches about a back pack and how if you fill it with too much life shit, it wears ya down.. that spoke to me, my new back pack is going to be just the essentials.. i am keeping it lite from now on.

lovely bones - hated every second of this movie, had to watch it in 3 parts just to force my way through it.. even more than the acting or the camera works, were the lame special effects of purgatory and a god awlful ending. I may never see another peter jackson movie again, this movie was so bad it actually took away from how good the lord of rings trilogy and district 9 were

time travelers wife - got about half way through and gave up
brothers - also couldnt finish it
precious - about 20minutes in i slit my wrist and had to stop watching it

the blind side - LOVED this movie... i am not sure why, it was a good flick, i felt good watching it, it was well made and i even bought bullock's accent, which i was sure i wouldn't

AVATAR - was pretty much exactly what i expected, it was special effects masturbation and a decent story , acting was beleivable enough and i like when the underdog wins, even though you know they are going to the whole time.. no surprises but not a waste of time

SHERLOCK HOLMES - a great set up for about 4 movies.. it was good, action was nice, robert downey jr is really untouchable the last few years in money making movies.. tropical thunder, iron man, this one, then next iron man... he is on fire folks!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

superbowl picks

just wanted to say way to go jets for a great game and a shot in the playoffs.. of course they wont go far, but good work for keeping their heads up and getting to the playoffs.. rookie head coach, rookie playoffs and plenty of chances for them to jets their way out of this season.

but realistically like i have been saying since day 1... VIKINGS VS PATS in the superbowl, it is the match up i like best, and i think it is totally possible.. the eagles and cowboys love to beat themselves , the saints look like garbage the last few weeks...

on the AFC side it comes down to colts vs pats almost every year and peyton is great but brady is greater... we will see