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Friday, February 15, 2008

obama fever

so i haven't blogged in a long time.. i lost my password, but it is all reset and i work with this guy i work with blogs all the time, so i am back at it.

what have i missed.. McCain is the republic nominee.. and I really feel obama is going to make the demo one.. he has to just hold his ground for the next 3 on tuesday and i think hillary with quit.. oh that would be nice..

Just got home from bingo.. didnt win.,, that is lame. We were going to see jumpers, but mrs gleny is exhausted, so i think i am in for the nite.. Tomorrow is the PJ Party at the Headliner, so that will be good..

as far as photos, you know were to find them,, i did upload a photo a day for 2007.. if you missed all of the photos for the 2007 year, this is a fast way to catch up... as alway COMMENT on stuff folks..