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Sunday, September 28, 2008

so hard keeping up

on my blog and with politics..

ok, the GDC poll has it like this...
with a =/- 11% biggot vote.. so it could be either of theirs..
i do know that sarah palin keeps looking worse and worse and mccain is all out of senior moments.. he calls spain latin america or messes up iran and a iraq again, and it will be total trouble..

oh yeah, more tina fey

Friday, September 19, 2008

first dude?

ok. So palin's husband won't honor a sepeana? Isn't that like contempt of court or abstruction of justice? Seriously. I don't see how that is palin and company having a transparent government.

GOP losing ground. This election is going to be mayhem I tell you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

been a week

so I really have been trying to blog more, but that is harder than it sounds. At Rich's studio now taking a poop. Haven't had the greatest 4 weeks of my life, but things are looking up. Michelle is pregnant haha, just kidding! But we are talking about having a baby. Erik is away but when he returns we are filming 2 pilot like episodes of the manroom show. If u have ideas or want to help send me a message. This go around we are going to make it I hope. Haha.

Well off to sandy hook for photo walk, will post a shot later

Saturday, September 06, 2008

he is the best

he is the best

palin dirt

so now she cheated on her husband

on top of being a shotgun wedding and then supporting abstenance education, and then having a knocked up daughter..

the ebay jet listing for profit lie?
firing that state guy for not firing the ex brother in law.. ok the ex was a scumbag..i will give you that, but he got suspended.. she still can't just fire the other guy for not firing.. well i dont think she can legally.. we will find out oct 10th

and i am having trouble will all the fact lies.. really, if you lower taxes for 95% of people and raise for those making over 250,000.. is that raising taxes for everyone?
i am confused...

enough political crap for today, bring on the tropical storm baby, jersey is ready


how the fuck is he going to be sworn in if he wins president?

he can't even raise his arms

Thursday, September 04, 2008

SO I ASKED SANTINA about her take on 90210 ( the new one )

I honestly was a fan of the first episode of the new 90210. The acting wasn’t amazing, but that’s kind of how night time soaps go. Sure, I miss Dylan and David and some of my other favorites, but you can’t go wrong with Kelly Taylor and I NEVER thought I’d see Brenda Walsh again! Even though it has the same name, this show is a spin-off. Personally, I’m watching it as a new show, and am taking the glimpses into the past as little gifts.

In the first episode, we got to see Andrea Zuckerman’s daughter as the lead journalist at West Beverly, although now they’ve evolved from a newspaper to television reporting. I just wonder where mommy and daddy are… Andrea didn’t live with her parents, so maybe they’re not around either…Time will tell. We also got reacquainted with Kelly and David’s little sister Erin, who goes by the nickname “Silver” and runs a blog where she mocks her schoolmates – Clearly she got Kelly Taylor’s bitchiness and David Silver’s creativity.

Also back on the show is Nat, who runs the now “hip” coffee house by day/club by night, “the Pit”. No more “mega-burgers”, but the kids still hang out there.

And in scenes for next week, I am excited to see Kelly’s dysfunctional alcoholic mother, Jackie, will be back. Not to mention, who is the father of Kelly’s baby? We heard her talking to him on the phone, and they hinted that it might be Brandon, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for a daddy Dylan cameo…

The new kids were cute – I especially liked the new “Brenda”, now Annie, but wasn’t a huge fan of her brother Dixon…The two moved from Kansas with their parents Rob Estes and Full House’s Aunt Becky to live with their aging actress grandmother Tabitha, who I also thought was hilarious. I thought the ‘bitch’ in school, Naomi, played a good bitch (you might remember her as the teenage seductress from Nip/Tuck who tried to poison Julia) and her friend, Adriana, played a good drug/fame addict.

So to wrap it up, I’m loving the combo of old and new. No one ever got a BJ on the original, and I’m pretty sure no one ever said ‘vagina’, both of which happened within the first 10 minutes of this season, so obviously there’s a lot more the kids of West Beverly can get away with in this new millennium. I’m hoping for a Brenda/Kelly catfight, but I hear it’s not gonna happen. I want more info about my original cast members, but as long as I get a little in each episode I’ll be happy. Picking up the subtle clues to the past makes watching the new season like a game for the original fans.

We’re not 15 anymore, so if the show seems cheesy to you now, it’s because you’re getting old. It’s on the CW – What are you expecting? If you ask me, round 2 is awesome so far. Thank you for asking.

THANKS SANTINA... and keep up the good work!

Monday, September 01, 2008


seriously? a bastard grand child to the mix.. on top of being under investigations for firing an official for personal gain.. she is definitely from the same cloth as BUSH...

seriously.. she doesn't bother telling mccain, that she has a knocked up under age daughter? man... like where they keeping it a secret til november..

ok enough on bashing.. it was pretty noble of obama for saying, that families aren't far game.. but i am sure the conservative base isn't so happy about the bad moral fiber of that family.. i am still waiting for palin's nudes to surface

iPhone tip #314

if you are viewing a photo and you want to turn the iphone sideways but don't want the photo to auto rotate. Touch and hold your finger to screen, that will keep from auto rotating.