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Monday, December 28, 2009

12 racks of xmas

as promised here are the 12 racks of xmas.. and as of jan, i am going to back to full time racking...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hot topic

While Xmas shopping at hot topic a gentleman in his 40s walked in. The little sales clerk asked him if she could help him. He replies " my daughter is team Jacob, what should I get her?"

It was classic

firday morning

well wednesday friends and family xmas was a great time, once again the food was amazing.. thanks to chef matt and adam... well done kids, of course the booze was a flowing and great times were had by many.. photos to come as soon as people stop having parties

the headliner xmas party was thursday nite and it is one of my favorite ones.. it always starts out slow and conservative, and then man do people get frisky.. i had a great time. Well i guess i always have a great time... hung out with new bartender and hopefully outside the bar buddy Ally.. she is a rock em sock em good looking good time.. Met her buddy Meda.. like whoa, chocolate frisky fun that one.. danced a little, drank a lot, shot off 200 photos.

tonight is the closing of the studio party and 3rd annual xmas party. well i have to head out and run some errands... i will check back in later..

here is sneak peak of one of the 12 racks of christmas.. this is jen, everyone say hello to jen

Monday, December 14, 2009

santa con, 12 racks of xmas are coming, and the GIFT idea of the day

really whatever words i use here will fall short of this good time. It was amazing, it was ridiculous.. it was hands down the funnest group thing i have ever been a part of, and i have a long list of fun shit on my resume. Seriously.. this event should never be missed,, i would miss a funeral or a wedding for this, i mean you would have to arrest me and put me in jail next year for me to miss Santacon..

everyone was dressed up in serious holiday cheer, and what was unique was it was a 1000 strong of frisky people, that didnt make it perverted to raunchy.. it was just good clean holiday frisky cheer.. hungging and butt smacking.. a little cleavage, but it was this level of everyone looking the same and inhibitions just out the window like halloween.. that really was a vibe i had never felt before.. it is monday and i am still flying on adrenaline. Man the spelling in this blog sucks...

keith got left behind and hermes faded around 5... the naughty and nice elves needed a 2 hour nap, but they headed back out.. it was a good little team all and all, and i thank them.. for those that missed without a legit excuse, you are really the ones that missed out..


i have 6 out of 12 picked out, and 3 holiday parties this week.. so ladies gets those racks ready.. 12 racks will be announced on the 21st... and i will be keeping up on rack of the month again starting 2010.. a decade of mistakes behind me , a decade of fun ahead...and that is both a threat and a promise kids...


I was just browsing the web looking for a MR T usb device and i came across these, now they aren't for everyone, but then are pretty cool for tech geeks that have cold feet..

$66 bucks for USB powered heated slippers. not sure if they are worth the money and i dont really endorse them ( unless they want to donate to and i can see how i feel about being their spokesman ) but go check them out

NOW get out there and start some trouble..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

santa con 2009

up and getting ready for santa con.. this is a big time event , and i couldn't be more stoked about it. Myself and a few elves, along with a santa toga wearing keith are headed up to the city for what is going to end up being 15oo santas or more spreading holiday cheer and mayhem.

i have never been to the santa con, but i am going very prepared...
check back tomorrow for what i am sure will be an amazing set of photos..

next week, 3 more holiday parties.

food tip of the day.... hmm... Puerto Rican grilled cheese.. toast 2 peices of bread, butter them, put 2 peices of cheese in between and microwave 20seconds.. bam! grilled cheese with the mess..

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Tim Burton and the meatloaf confession

So last nite was my bday. Did the regular stops. It was a great nite, but at about 12, I hit the drunk wall. Ya know how it goes, free bday drinks for 6 hours always ends interestingly. Now I didn't play with the band this year. And I didn't lose my glasses or have any head trama. I got into a heated arguement about meatloaf and I think I was a real dick to chef matt. At that point I kicked myself out and called it a nite. Sorry matt.

In the city today at moma, loving the Tim Burton exhibit. Really good stuff, he has been sketching like 30 years, they have rooms and rooms.

See ya

Friday, December 04, 2009

porn parody

although porn parodies aren't new, they are really getting a new boost and money is being spent to finally make quality porns.... some examples are

This ain't Seinfeld
This ain't the Munsters
Cheers, Scrubs, The Cosbys.. and many many more are already made, with tons in the works... They are kind of funny to watch and some of them have good fuck scenes in them as well...

Today I took some of My valueable time and downloaded... THIS AIN'T SEINFELD and watched if so i could give you a little bit of a review...

The actor that plays Kramer is fantastic, he does the enterance into Jerry's apartment perfect, and when he cums, he does that shrug thing great. The actress that plays Elaine, although totally the wrong nationality, does a spot on performance... James Dean plays Jerry and beleive it or not i have met him in real life, at some diner in brooklyn.. He is pretty good..

I would give this one 7 out of 10 for a porn... i mean there is way too much acting and not enough action, there is no anal, and well to me why have a porn movie if you aren't gonna plow someone's booty hole.. But the sets and lighting are good.. the scenes are hot enough to get the job done... And well THE PORN NAZI was an awesome edition..

Thursday, December 03, 2009

todays news

Tiger.... all i have to say is that i am proud of NIKE AND GATORADE for not caring about this bullshit story... He apologized, but why does he have to apoligize to any of us.. hello? millionaire athlete? adultery, really people? who actually cares... What he needs is something big to happen so this lame story goes away...
one classic side note.. i love how REAL he is.. that message... "hey can you take your name off your answering machine? My wife went through my phone and she might be calling" That is so classic

anyways, i will be drinking gatorade in my nikes and shaving with my gilette razor all week.. VIA LA TIGER. If i was him, give the future ex wife what she wants, send her on her way, and then tell the media that you are quitting golf and it is their fault. then just go sit on what millions you have left.

IRAQ? AFGANASTAN? well he is doing what he said, but that strategy is still super vague... but i guess 4 more years of war.

WHITE HOUSE CRASHERS... they were just trying to get to dinner, i think it is bullshit they are being treated like terrorists...

STEM CELL.. i want replaceable body parts in like 30 years government! i may need some ; a liver, 2 new knees, kidney or 2... get cracking lab coat guys.

hard boiled eggs... put in water, bring to boil for like 3 mintues, turn off, let stand like 8 minutes... i like to hardboil a dozen at a time, then put them back in their carton. If you put a few drops of food coloring in the water, they will be a different color so you don't crack open a raw egg thinking it is hard boiled.. Dont forget to check out my THANKSGIVING IN A PAN video...

BDAY IS DECEMBER 4th.... bar a t 530, headliner 9.. ALL ARE WELCOME