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Thursday, April 27, 2006

2 nites of bar a and stuff and staff

tuesday and wednesday photos are up on

go check em' out!

nothing really eventful planned for the weekend, but these two galleries are quality stuff...

Monday, April 24, 2006

new photos and a wet dog....

did some bar a and headliner this weekend, a little MS WALK in the rain, and the passworded album is just photos of the bus I am getting printed using the fotki service. ( to see how they are)

go see the new photos....

also check out my new myspace video


Tuesday is bar a and wednesday is bar a staff feildtrip...

Friday, April 21, 2006


busy weekend... first and formost it is earth day... I love the earth, you should too. I went to the poetry thing, the last poetry thing at coffee blue last nite, so for the last 30hours I have been talking and reciting stuff to myself, at like every weird thing I see.. I drove by the ocean today, it was rough and i thought; "The ocean looked angry today, but you know what she has a right to be.." then like blah blah with a poetry rant in my head. IT is like when you plated NINTENDO for a weekend when you first got it and you have like nintendo-mares and here that damn zelda song in your sleep.... anyways.


for the weekend,
FRIDAY NITE-- i might go out i might now... DADDY POP @ the HEADLINER

SATURDAY is the SPRING BASH 3 @ Bar A... long story short, 7 bands... free BBQ and The AMISH OUTLAWS @ 8.... I Will be there like 7-12.

SUNDAY MORNING is the MS walk in belmar, a good time, a good cause..

The MAGAZINE is taking shape and a big redesign is probably due around then...

Monday, April 17, 2006

mayor race 2006

that is correct folks, i am running for mayor of belmar, nj. I am going to start a myspace profile of people that either live in belmar and want to vote for me, or want to help with the campaign. Serious people only

go check it out and sign up

Saturday, April 15, 2006


happy easter from me to you folks...

tonight is kellytodd's wedding and tomorrow is easter, some family stuff going on. That is about it from here, take care everyone. oh yeah, took a few bikini photos this afternoon.. we made it through another winter!! woo hoo

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

blueclaws and wedding bells and we are off to see the wizard

All the faces on the shorbus have been removed and a new cartoon mural is in mid production. I cut a lot of people out, sorry folks. The only facs on here are people that help out at the bus functions. It will be nice when finished

Thursday nite is a little bus trip to the blue claws home opener and first pour. IF you wanna go get in touch with me, the shortbus leaves belmar at like 530... game at 630, and the seats are really cheap.
Friday nite is dinner and urban yuppy nite, not sure if we are going out after.
Saturday is Kelly and Todd's wedding.. good times and should be good good photos too.
Sunday is easter and i think i am going as the easter bunny to family dinner.

Friday, April 07, 2006

this weekend

That is right kids, your buddy and mine Sharky will be celebrity cheffin' @ bar a Monday nite... come on in and support him, I have an odd feeling it will be my 4th day in a row there though,

friday nite is SHORTBUS BACHELORETTE NITE... happy hour bar a stop
Saturday is Denise's bday, so i have to stop in for a drink and 100 photos that nite
sunday is TROP BINGO @ BAR A ... breakfast fucking good time
and then sharky on sunday.....

god that is too much of one place, but ya gotta go where you are needed

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I just dont feel like be today

i am a few hours until the APRIL magazine is finished. I am also redesigning a bit, making it basically a MAGAZINE and a BLOG.. oh yeah with a PHOTO GALLERY.

I also have 2 nites of photos, I just dont feel like cropping, tomorrow i work and we are going to an AVON WALK for BREAST CANCER in NYC meeting in Manhattan... so don't look for much the next few days.

sorry folks, but i just dont feel like being today.