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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The plunge is coming

Feb 23rd. Long branch nj. Polar bear plunge. Not sure what the theme will be, but maybe jungle themed. Or race car driver sexy. We shall see.. come out to help out.. be a towel girl. jump in with us.. register at and what the hell donate to my page so I can reach my fundraising goal..


Saturday, January 19, 2013


It wasn't by any means the most attended event, but it was vintage prom.. half the class stood against the wall, every got decked out.. some ridiculous, some sexy... The band was mildly awlful and hald the kids left early to get drunk or high somewhere else..

I had a blast
The prom decorating committee did some of the best "make a bar a prom" magic that I have ever seen.. Also margo danced with future margo and that was great.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gleny Tonight

Gleny Tonight is my new project of mine. It is a live stop motion talk show. It is going to be great. The project is coming along great and I think the pilot should be done for Super Bowl halftime!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

50 Shades of Black - Jeffry

In honor of the Giants not making the playoffs, I will tell you about Jeffrey. Now as the years have moved on and on, I have met many , many people of color, but Jeffrey, whom I called Reggie by accident for 4 months, has the best black quality of them all. His energy and enthusiasm is top notch. When you walk into his field of vision you know you are going to get the best greeting of your damn life. He will spin ya, kiss you on the cheek, grab and tug ya. Jeffrey is all about the hello. And well the white chicks. He loves him some buttermilk ladies. 

I guess the most embarrassing moment of our friendship came on the 2011 Shark week bike crawl. I was hammered. and Jeffrey decided we should bar hop, after an all day bike bar crawl. So he drove me from bar a to the headliner, where in about 15mins we tore threw that place, smacking and licking and really causing a scene. Then on to another place or 2.. but eventually I had to get back to the Shortbus, which was parked at the LAKE HOUSE. Earlier that day, we had started the bike tour there , so the bus was used to transport the masses of bikes.. And now it is was 3am and all that was left was me and Reggie and Sweet D for some reason was sleeping in the bus. As we were loading up the bus, we noticed an 8 foot pirate statue. He really was staring us down. Now I was beyond reason, and Jeffrey was having such a great time, I guess he was just as stupid as me, but to shorten up the story we loaded the pirate into the bus and I took him home. 

Great story right? except that they have video survalliance, and a few days later found me and the pirate.. then of course court and fines and well I am not allowed in DEAL, NJ anymore..