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Thursday, February 13, 2014

GDC RC#2 Every day is the 14th

Meeting #2

We were all time, but the Leisure Village south Bowling league was dragging ass. I mean I guess they weren’t dragging that much ass considering the median age was like 68. I am sure if they were wearing purple jumpsuits and red hats, but they should have been. 40 of gather by the front desk, kind of hovering and bored. A few grab snacks from the grease pit that they call “the food joint” and then a few dart to the bar and return with pints of booze.. And we mill.

It is great though, a ton of people came this week. There were people dressed in all pink.. Some in all red. A few anti Valentine people in all black.. Either heart broken or undesirable, we don’t care… all are welcome here at the 2nd meeting of the GDC RC… The Recreational club is just basically an adult social group were we can act like children and drink in costume. I see cupid in the corner and JESUS from The Big Lebowski is here. A few people came dressed normal.. We chuckle and say, “this must be their first time.” Which is fine, what makes these meet up great is the old school gets to meet and train the newbies. The mix of fresh blood is always a great thing. People are here to have fun and that is important, meeting and dancing and putting stickers on each other are just bonuses.

I brought a kissing booth this week and the management thought it would offend people, so I was asked not to set it up, so that was a little bump, but other than that, the nite was epically smooth. This was 2 days before valentines and I couldn’t justify or afford giving everyone I like, love or care about presents and cards, so this was my gift to them.. A few understood that, the rest just enjoyed it.. So as we all exchange greetings and hugs.. They start to tell us the lanes we reserved are opening up.. And we start to move our mob to the area we are supposed to be in, filling up lanes.. In lane one… Sammy and Tim and Mrs. Lamb start putting their names in, they ask me to just bowl with them, and I just said yes, cusp I knew I would barely bowl anyway.. So Sammy is new, she came to last month’s laser tag and this is her 2nd meeting, she is hot and cold, but always fucking adorable, She just got her hair done and I forgot to compliment, but the time this story is written, I am sure I will get a face book message scolding me. She is thin and athletic, the look that everyone loves whether they say they like curves or not. Sammy is built for speed and without going into details, she has these pink pants that made me cry once.

Now I don’t know Tim well at all, but this was his first event and he was all in. So he can stay, posed with the giant head on my stick, a decent baller and very spirited. Now Mrs. Lamb, I have met her like twice, she is Brian Lamb’s husband that I spent time with at college, most of that time was playing video games between class and well he was a dancer and I would drink and just make him dance.. I haven’t seen him at events in years but it just worked out and he surprised me.. His wife was trying so hard to get a strike. See at VDAY bowling a strike means you get a valentines card, that you give to someone you crush.. She was trying to win one for Brian, in like 2 games she got about 15 first ball 9s.. It was adorable … almost.. 8th frame of last game… BAM STRIKE.. True love, and a saved marriage..

Now on to lame 2... Stephanie the Ice Skating heart breaker , Erika the soft lion and Colin the Destroyer.. I am not sure if that were their bowling names or what their parents called them, but they were having a blast.. Stephanie is all jock.. Professional Ice Skater, her dad a pro bowler. Her form was completely and utterly watchable! I had a 100 things going at once and was running around, but when Steph stepped up to throw a ball. I just froze and watched.. It is nice. Erik was quiet and cute as always ,but not to be outdone she had little shorts and fishnets on too, and I am pretty sure I put a few sticker hearts on the lioness… Colin brought flower for his lane mates and as always a gentleman and a scholar, not really sure why he is here.. He he.. Just kidding we take good people and normal too.

So as we move down the lanes we come across Van Ness’s table and a quick glance at his screen tells the story. Ms Perioge and Kielbasa lover are on the screen, these cats are here to be silly. I didn’t see much of their bowling but I could here them laughing all nite. I tell we were a loud group this nite. And fun was being had all over.. In between my own balls being tossed, I would walk around, snap photos and talk to the people, my people. It felt great knowing all these cool people can where today, to just have a good time and they came because of me. This was my little Valentine gift to them and it was warmly received. I would stop at the Team Tony table.. Nick and Whitey are like pretty serious bowlers, but they still manage to have a little fun. Between the 4 of them, they got a lot of strikes. Every strike came with a little grade school valentine’s card. You know; Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Spongebob, etc. When you earned your card, you gave it to someone special, a crush, a buddy, whomever. And at the end of the nite when the awards were given away, most cards won something. This nite it was a Gleny Collectible. A hand made little gleny sculpture of cupid was tonight’s golden cup!

Moving down the line, we come across Al and Mike’s group.. Now Al of course went all out on his look, it was like a white rapper gone mid life crisis, well it was great and pretty much his usual style. Mike did some good work, he brought a noise maker and was representing his spirit well. But the shining star at this table was Jamie’s mini skirt. Now Jamie is a tall drink of water, like college volleyball tall. Blue and her booty is tremendous.. The legs are honestly 4 feet long and the skirt was 12 inches.. There was more leg real estate from her knee to hem line then covered by the skirt all together. Her ass fit in one hand and her who ha never fell out during bowling.. She should have won a prize, but she came in 3rd place in the ass contest. Maybe next time Jamie, maybe next time.

Down the line we see Nicki and her sister Morgan’s side by side tables . They are very much the same person except one behaves and 1 doesn’t. Morgan the loud , ball grabbin , face licking one went all out costume wise. She had pink and red and a tutu and glitter coming out of her ass.. ( you think it hurts in your eye the next day, try your bung hole..). She actually one best costume and when she got her bear she loved it. I think she named him Molly.. Get it.. never mind. Her sister who was the winner of BEST ASS the month before had on tights and a little pair of ruffled undies on the outside.. She came in 2nd for Ass, but she really is #1 in my heart. Her ass at least. With Nicki was her husband, a weed buddy and I think it was Vanialla Ice, I can’t be totally sure. They got a lot of strikes.. Matt, the husband, is like a serious league bowler, gets like 7 strikes a game and what not.. Like I said before each strike gets you a vday card to give away. Now the 3 of them probably got 15... And after their first game, they went up to claim em, and sat down to fill them out. It was adorable, the 3 thug life tough guys fighting over the 2 pens to fill our their little kids valentine cards.. Oh don’t worry, there are photos and everyone will love it. They fill em out and hand them out, I received 2 from their group… FUCK YOU VANILLA ICE… you aren’t good enough for me either!

At Morgan’s table was Tracy Hayes
, the captain of TEAM HAYES, Michelle T.. we call her that cuz she is hot and her ass is amazing.. She is also pretty good with the jokes.. And works at a bank, so we can’t use her last name. Like I said before Morgan won best costume and she tried to get the most Valentines by going around and harassing people, she almost won. Michelle T has on leggins and a tutu, but there was something special about these leggins, they might have been yoga pants. An old sage once said that “ yoga pants were a privilege” and when Michelle T wore hers, we were all privileged to something special that nite. She of course won BEST ASS, without protest and only with a rumble of applause.

Big Whitey won best score and got a giant beer mug made of chocolate, it was going to go to the hairiest person, but we also wanted to reward some bowling skill… Plus whitey’s family hosted the first GDC RC meeting at laser tag, and he deserved a little recognition. I gave Shoulders the cutest costume award, cuz she had a lot of fishnet and colors on and she just got dumped and well we reward that kind of stuff.

As some people left a tiny bit early, the most magical of moments happened, my black friend showed up late and quickly put on the cupid costume.. And in his undies and wings streaked the entire bowling alley.. It was amazing and really, nothing says love like a big black man in underwear and wings.. Well needless to say the 2nd meeting of the Recreational Club was a huge success.. Thanks to those that came and made it great. Thanks to those that helped out setting it up and I will see you next month.. When we have a survived the Green party..