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Saturday, August 12, 2006

the last 2 weeks

Well I have been busy, here is a little list of what you have missed.. well what I haven't blogged about.. cuz you don't miss anything with the 'magic' of and digital photography..

married and honeymooned in belize - fantastic times, married life is about the same, I enjoy it.

a few pnc concerts;
Counting Crows
OAR tailgate
the art center is more and more fun each time I tailgate... and I have 311 next thursday, and I am definitely going on sept 15th for the last show of the year and JOURNEY..

I WON MY BUS TICKET - I got a ticket for 'indoor furniture outdoors" for the couch that was on top of the shortbus. But it was a housing violation and I took em to court. I came out the winner.. THE LITTLE GUY WINS, THE LITTLE GUY WINS!!!

AUGUST MAGAZINE CAME OUT... vicki on the cover, she is thin and innocent but people seem to still like her.

and rounding out news... I went to the dentist and all is well in the land of .com