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Thursday, December 27, 2012

brrr Baby it is cold outside

But that doesn't mean the fun stops.. a few weeks and then the Winter Carnival starts and a whole new round of events coming right your way..

Jan 6   - DR Skethcy Film Noir
Jan 7   - Jerry Springer road trip ( home in time for notre dame game)
Jan 19 - SNUGGIE PROM.... fb invite
Jan 26 - NJ BEARD AND MUSTACHE MEGA EVENT.. asbury lanes.. day starts with WRAT afternoon session of the Bear thingie. THE BEER FEST is a MAYBE as it is expensive..
Feb 2  - Groundhog day is on a Saturday this year
Feb 3  - SUPERBOWL... we are probably not having a party this year unless someone talks Cyndi into it.
Feb 23 - POLARBEAR PLUNGE.. moved to Longbranch, NJ.. might party in asbury after
March 9 - SEASIDE PARADE. confirmed to be in Seaside


So this year we did 2 Santacons... My close personal friend SWAZYE CLAUSE set up a local alternative in Asbury Park... and of course the NYC one...


Well as always, the best part of my xmas season is Santacon and this year Santa really did come twice.. The Asbury one was the first time  there and the turn out was amazing.. Who ever set that up should really be commended.. ( I already here they are having another one next year...) I know all the businesses really were happy to have us, and if any of you have ever been to an event, you know that we can sometimes be too much. It was an all day affair and I didnt see any drama or destruction.. There were none of those bad Santas..

now the NYC one, that was a completely different day. It was a physical challenge for me. I was deathly ill from the moment the sun came up but I endured. It was still an amazing time and of course I will be back..

longer recap my be added..
if not, you might just have to come to a holiday event next year.


Facebook and blogger

When will facebook just integrate blogs already. It is like too much to keep up on with facebook, twitter, Instagram. Blogger. Pinterest. Yadda yadda

Monday, November 26, 2012

It is the most wonderful time of the year

Ok so the holidays are always such a busy time of the year. I know they are for me and I am sure they are for you. But what you don't want to do is to forget that it is also a great excuse to have fun and adventure.

Here is my December schedule. Some dates are tentative and also depend on how much Gleny I have in me the whole month;

Dec 4-stealth bday nite at bar a
Dec 5- bar a holiday party
Dec 6- dr sketchy fairies
Dec 8- Asbury park SantaCon. starts around noon. Excitement and fantastic good times.
Dec 15- SantaCon NYC
Dec 21- very Murray Xmas at Asbury lanes
Dec 22- Xmas burlesque with the Pontani Sisters at Asbury lanes

As always IWSOT...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Xmas events

All of a sudden it is holiday time. December is here!

Bar a holiday party. Great time
Headliner holiday party. Serious drunk time
Santa con in Asbury- dec 8
Santa con in NYC - dec 15
Xmas burlesque @ the Asbury lanes- dec 22

Blogger. Facebook. Twitter. Etc

Blogger needs to integrate with facebook. Seriously.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Yankees win

The Yankees win! On to the next round vs the tigers. Was a tougher series than I would have likes. The Yankee pitching was very strong. Their bats were very sleepy. If their billion dollar line up can get their crap together. We might have something.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

The fall schedule


Zombie walk Asbury 10-6
(It was a great event. Wish it had more direction. But maybe I will run it next year)
Rubber ducky race 10-13
Comicon NYC 10-13
Zombie con nyc 10-20
Headliner Halloween 10-26
Bar a or river rock Halloween 10-27
Halloween eve bar a 10-30
NYC parade 10-31
Mud Man X spook run 11-3
Exxxotica ladies nite 11-9
Engagement party 11-17
My day dec 4
Santa con nyc 12-8
Running of santas 12-15

Watch out for facebook details.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Btw. We got engaged

Cyndi and I are finally engaged and planning to marry on nov 23,2013. There are a lot of people that might not get invited. 125 spots to fill and I think that only leaves about 10 wild card invites. Keep that in mind this fall and into the winter carnival. Invites will go out on Belmar parade day.

Details so far are
Addison park for ceremony and reception
Clb photography!
damask with red accepts are the color
Dress bought
Sexy black suits over tuxes for the giys

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What to do with you mr August...

There are a lot of events in August. Some I must attend, some I will attend and some I just can't make. Still working out my schedule. Here are options

2- dr sketchy classic horror @ Asbury
2- pnc bank for 311
3- buffet eve Party in AC
4- shark week bike crawl
5- Belmar pirate invasion
5- happy days fundraiser @ headliners
10- Bruce epileptic bar crawl
11-Harley anniversary BBQ @ Lakewood
16- jimmy and parrot heads in freehold
17- Toby Keith @pnc
19-Angie pontani @ Asbury lanes
25- mmx ny
28- jimmy buffet in Camden
30- jimmy buffet @ jones beach
Sept 1- jimmy buffet in dc
2- taco and Mandy's wedding

stay in touch on the facebook.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hey everyone. Mermaid was an amazing success and good time. We didn't place, but got an honorable mention for not been judged. Next year. I think we have a legit chance at first place

Congrats Miami heat. I think okc will be around for years.

Olympics are coming soon

July is pretty open for events. Nothing major planned. Let me know if you have fun ideas

August has shark week bike crawl and the Pirate invasion

Friday, June 15, 2012

This reminds me...

It has been a while since I have been to the Parker house. And seriously, cougars are all over the place this summer already. I am past the age of their prey, but I have heard several reports from my underlings that they are be clawed at like crazy at the bars

Mermaid parade is coming up fast
Mets/Yankees trip the day after. That is a tough weekend.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

5-0 today

I got all my picks correct

Okc in 6games
And devils in 7

Sunday is a long day of eating and Monday is the mini golf tournament. Should be an action packed weekend!

Tonights predictions in sport

The black boxer in an upset
No one cares about house race since triple crown condender quit

50 SHADES OF BLACK - Nathan Speed

So throughout the years, I have had many outstanding and hilarious moments with people of color. I will be taking time to write some little urban recounts for you.

This is Nate. He is black, and also a pretty damn good guy. This photo was from one of the episodes of "the manro show" episodes. MRS was a little live Internet show that we taped in my basement/manroom. We did 2 seasons and then 3 episodes of a 3rd season. Nate was along for the ride. On the 10th episode, which was a cool little achievement because I never thought it would go that long. For nate's tireless efforts I gave him a CERTIFICATE OF REPERATIONS. A lot of my viewers were pretty low brow and had no idea what that meant. But Nate got the joke and for that I thank him. There were dozens of great Nate/Gleny moments; from rapping to ass painting, to when he dressed like reverend al sharpton. But I will save them for later on.

Again, thank you Nathan speed or being one of my 50 shades. Good bless and I will see you out there

Thursday, June 07, 2012


If the GOP congress worked as hard to get the economy moving as they do to bash and dethrone Obama from day 1. America would be better off. All of America. Seriously. The amount of effort and moves. From sneaking voter suppression to all the straight forward lies. To the crazy birthed and convincing half of the people that he isn't "American " or he is "anti American" to he is war hungry and now he won't go to war over Syria. Hated how he went into lybia but now demanding it

It is dizzying how much hate they have for Obama. He isn't a socialist he isn't even a liberal. He is half white too ya know. Haha. He really gets no credit for good things by either side.

It is really annoying that no one will compromise to help people. To move the economy. They just want to kick out Obama. What happens if Obama wins? 4 years of blocking again?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

This weekend

Congress is voting on an abortion law today. Didn't know that was still a federal issue. Great weather. Unfortunately I don't feel great so I am just lounging. Work at 4 then dbl Friday and Saturday. Sunday is pride parade for the shortbus on Sunday.

June 11- mini golf
June 16 - steam punk art
June 23 - mermaid parade
June 24 - Yankees @ mets. 16of 46 seats left. Get involved

July has a great adventure trip but not much else

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's left of playoffs.

Okc over the spurs in 6
Heat over celtics in 7

Okc beat the heat in the finals

Devils beat the kings in 7!!!

Those are my picks

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Dr.Sketchy is making a house call! We are having a charity event for Animal Birth Control Inc. Lot's of models, music and prizes so bring your art supplies and a suggested donation of $15 to our home base of the Asbury Lanes and sketch for a good cause! 100% of the donations go to the charity!

I have been to a couple of these events and they are a good time. This one is for charity and not on a weekend, so I am really looking forward to going.. Check out there FB invite and seriously.. come on out and watch some hot cats lap up milk to help their not as fortunate friends...

Friday, May 04, 2012


The movie was very solidly made. The writing was actually outstanding for a comic book movie. All the super heroes were super good looking

I think tony stark is my spirit animal. He was hilarious. And of course the u likely hero that becomes hero.

Love all the hulk humor and really enjoyed the classic one on one hero battles that you really only ever saw on cross over comics. When the hammer hits the shield. Ya gotta dig that man

Iron man 3. Then avengers 2. That should get us til 2014. And btw, the spiderman trailer even looked good

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Supreme court argues the Arizona immigration law

Won't the Arizona imagination law eventually cause a real like "born in east LA" situation

so the law had been on the books awhile. I am not from Arizona so I barely care, but some sketchy stuff in there

In arizona you have to carry proof you are a citizen (not just a liscence. Other proof. A passport or I think a ss card might work) if you don't have it. They arrest you and take you in to check on your citizenship.

Oh well.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Instagram gets muddy

Mud Man X is coming May 6th. I am in charge of the photo team.. It is going to one of the most photogenic days of my life.. Tons of athletic sexy people crawling in and out of the mud. I am also adding a LIVE ON THE GO INSTAGRAMMER.. This is something I don't think has been done for any other adventure race and I am dying to see how it goes..

The link for that will be on the MMX website, blog and FB the day of the event.. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Secret prostitutes services

I really could care less about secret service members using prostitutes. It is legal in chili, case closed. I don't buy the right wing out cry that it is security issue at all. The agents are stupid to bring the hookers back. Do your business at the titty bar and move on

In other news; Romney wants to woo the youth vote. Haha good luck 1% guy. During his press thing today he was talking about relating with the youth of American, then said France was his favorite vacation destination "I go there occasionally on vacation"
It really was a media set up question, but he fell for it. And of course he walked right into it. Seriously man. Pay attention Romney. Michelle Bachman for VIP? Haha

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A comprehensive event list

Medieval times 4-20
Mudmanx 5-6

Summer fest 6-2
Gay pride parade in Asbury 6-3
Tommy J's Mini Golf outting 6-11
Belmar seafood 6-8/10
Mermaid parade 6-23
Yankees @ Mets 6-24
Asbury jazz 6-30/1

July great adventure Monday meet up if there is enough interest
Dr sketchy trashy housewives 7-21
Mud Man X nj2.0 7-28

Shark week bike tour 8-04 ( starts at bar a around 4pm)
8-5 pirate invasion
Mud Man X ny 8-25
Jimmy buffet concerts - aug 28-30 ...sept 1

Oyster fest oyster 9-7/9
Pirate con September 9-16

Summer of festivals

Monmouth and ocean country offer a shitload of festivals. Here are some I might go to

May 19th
Toms River chili festival

Summer fest
June 2

June 8-9-10

Great adventure Monday trip
June 11 or 18

Asbury jazz
June 30-1

Bradley lobster
July 14-15

Ice cream festival (toms river)
July 21

Asbury labor day
Sept 1-2

Asbury oyster fest
Sept 7-8-9

Neptune river fest
Sept 29

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Roman help!!

During last years mermaid parade, senior Roberto lingusta's helmet was broken. Any generous fan want to replace it. It is on my wish list

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter is coming

But Tomorrow is my 4th double in a row. I am really looking forward to some time off this weekend. Medieval times is almost sold out. Quite excited. And the bus mechanic is set to get her new lungs for the summer. Sign up for mermaid parade. And of anyone wants to help me with media team at Mud Man X on may6th. Don't hesitate to volunteer.

I am about to start working in my first claymation movie. Keep your eyes open for that.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Draw something..

Cyndi says I take this game too serious. Haha

Sports this week

Just when I started catching knicks fever again, they blow a should be win against Toronto by like 20. Blah. They have 2 games agains the bucks remaining this season. They have to win both and maybe close out this eat .500. They should make the playoffs. Unfortunately without a serious run. Try are going to get stuck with the heat or the bulls. Double ouch! Keep trucking knicks

Tebow time coming to NYC. Can't wait for the nfl to stack the jets first 5 games against them. A 1-4 jets fanbase will totally go ape shit demanding tebow start. Can't wait.

As for golf. Tiger in first place after 2 days, would love him finally starting his come back!

Devils playing great. Can't wait for a devils/rangers playoff game this year!
I want to go to a devils game soon. If anyone reads my blog. Haha

Tomorrow is last day of my green spring and summer is coming. A great one I promise you all.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

just a fun classic video

Sorry I dont blog enough..the last of 4 holy month of march weekends is coming up.. Al's bbq in the highlands along the parade route and then some jenks for that inked up girls gig.. should be an eventful saturday.

coming in may, The mudmanX is back.. may 6th..I am heading up the media team, so if anyone out there with camera skills wants to volunteer, let me know. also we will need all kinds of help too.. I think the 1000th runner just registered and revamping the band schedule looks like a ton of good sounds will be happening.. on a related note.. BLUECLAWS HOME OPENER is on a Thursday nite and MMX will be there as well as THIRSTY THURSDAYS ($1 drafts) come out and have a good time with us .. april 12th or something..

No Bunny Con NYC cuz no one want to run it.. so that is sad, but a medieval times/ bus fundraiser is scheduled for 4-20.. look for details on the book face.. and tomorrow sometime, I will blog a fun story!

see ya out there

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mickey Vs. Gleny

Headed to Disney after the playoff games. Flying out of ac. Which ever quarterback plays best is my roulette bet.

I predict a 49er vs Patriots Super Bowl. What ever teams make it. We are having a party

Follow me on twitter #followgleny is trending right now.

As for the Mickey Vs. Gleny will e a short video series of me exploring Disney world. Riding rides, meeting the characters, reviewing and interviewing. Will be a fun think to watch for sure. Of course it turns my vacation into and event instead of a relaxing week. But when I get back the winter carnival will be in full effect

Snuggie bar crawl
Pj party
Polar bear plunge
St pattys in Belmar
Then seaside
Then lepre-con
Bunny con
Banana con.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


And down to 4

Ron Paul

Who will win sc. They even changed the Iowa vote to try and edge out Romney. The GOP hates him man

I still say mitt wins SC by less than 10% which everyone will call a loss. But sc is all about the hard right. So of he can squeak a win in an anti Romney state that is solid points on the board

Love newts new a vote for anyone but me is a vote for Romney

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Mitt. Dull but porbable. Think he loses the election close
Newt. Criminal and horrible temperament. O-super PAC would destroy him on his record. Obama landslide
Sanatorium. Too hung up on social issues. He would get crushed in general election. Get out ass lube juice guy
Rick perry - haha
Ron paul - has some good things to say, starts good debates. Too unstable to win anything. He could screw all the GOP with a 12% independent 3rd party run

Btw- Chris Christie is a fool for not jumping in on this race!


Ben Franklin and Betty Whites bday. Also Mohammad Ali.
Bf- thanks for all the inventions and building this nation, you know you are my favorite founding father hands down
Ms white- way to still be funny even as your body falls apart
To Ali- without you we wouldn't have trash talking in sports today. I owe to you the wwf and all the years of enjoyment. Hang in there shaky

Politically. The GOP is a super PAC trash talking mess. Ron Paul is surgig and if newt and the Christ nazi guu don't make a deal Romney is a lock. And I just heard no matter if all the nominees back out. The primaries still have to go thru til June. Wasting millions and millions of tax payer moneys. Citizen united and the GOP suck

Oh yeah. Paula dean came out of the diabetes closet. No shit she is type 2. She has been eating cheese and grease for 40 years. Thanks for the artery clots you silver haired disaster.

Nfl predictions.
49ers beat giants in a close game
Patriots literally beat ray Lewis into retirement by 20 PTs

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Ronmey needs 50%. Hoping hunts as gets Like 20% an he drops. Perry should quit tomorrow.

I don't see anyone else beating Romney unless it is a 2 bourse race but the rest of the GOP field is too busy selling books.

Ron Paul. Haha. Would be awesome if he got like 30%. If that happens I will cool joon food. Haha

Video blog still needs to be shot tonight.
Politics, sports and porn. I will review "Backdoor in chyna"

Monday, January 09, 2012

Weekend and week

Tebow. That is All the sports talk I have for you from the weekend. Hey kissed his ass for a few weeks. Then gave up on him and dropped him like a used condom. Now with a miracle win espn is back on the tebow train. If he can beat the patriots. The sports world will cream itself. I don't think it will happen. But we shall see

Tonight is "meatloaf for the artists" dinner. And after that I am trying my first video blog. "politics, sports and porn".

The week ahead is non eventful. Wedding Saturday. Some me time somewhere this week. 2 Xmas gifts still unclaimed. Tsk Tsk.

Still need a 4th for g'day road trip, preferably someone that can rock a fur bikini. Let me know.

GOP morning after

What a caucus. It was amazing. 8 votes differential. and Ron Paul showed up big

Perry quit and then unquit
Bachman is gone (thank god)
And newt got a little humility.
Huntsman had a laughable showing. Ha ha

New Hampshire. Just saw that Romney dusted off McCain and is carting Jim around. I think mitt will step it up. As they go to south
Carolina. But we will see

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Unfortunate definition.

Political fun fact
Rick Santorum is running for president
Unfortunate definition

Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.

St Patrick

Not sure how this is going to work into my st patty paraded wardrobe. But we shall see

March4-Belmar. Pks start at 10
March10-seaside. Not sure if we are matching or drinking.
March17- maybe something.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Nfl playoffs week 1

Giants over falcons
Detroit over Who ever they are playing
Packers and 49ers in the bye
49ers vs giants in NFC

Broncos over steelers
I don't even know the other game off hand. Haha but there are really just going to be new England beating the ravens in the afc chip

I like 49ers vs patriots for Super Bowl