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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Supreme court argues the Arizona immigration law

Won't the Arizona imagination law eventually cause a real like "born in east LA" situation

so the law had been on the books awhile. I am not from Arizona so I barely care, but some sketchy stuff in there

In arizona you have to carry proof you are a citizen (not just a liscence. Other proof. A passport or I think a ss card might work) if you don't have it. They arrest you and take you in to check on your citizenship.

Oh well.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Instagram gets muddy

Mud Man X is coming May 6th. I am in charge of the photo team.. It is going to one of the most photogenic days of my life.. Tons of athletic sexy people crawling in and out of the mud. I am also adding a LIVE ON THE GO INSTAGRAMMER.. This is something I don't think has been done for any other adventure race and I am dying to see how it goes..

The link for that will be on the MMX website, blog and FB the day of the event.. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Secret prostitutes services

I really could care less about secret service members using prostitutes. It is legal in chili, case closed. I don't buy the right wing out cry that it is security issue at all. The agents are stupid to bring the hookers back. Do your business at the titty bar and move on

In other news; Romney wants to woo the youth vote. Haha good luck 1% guy. During his press thing today he was talking about relating with the youth of American, then said France was his favorite vacation destination "I go there occasionally on vacation"
It really was a media set up question, but he fell for it. And of course he walked right into it. Seriously man. Pay attention Romney. Michelle Bachman for VIP? Haha

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A comprehensive event list

Medieval times 4-20
Mudmanx 5-6

Summer fest 6-2
Gay pride parade in Asbury 6-3
Tommy J's Mini Golf outting 6-11
Belmar seafood 6-8/10
Mermaid parade 6-23
Yankees @ Mets 6-24
Asbury jazz 6-30/1

July great adventure Monday meet up if there is enough interest
Dr sketchy trashy housewives 7-21
Mud Man X nj2.0 7-28

Shark week bike tour 8-04 ( starts at bar a around 4pm)
8-5 pirate invasion
Mud Man X ny 8-25
Jimmy buffet concerts - aug 28-30 ...sept 1

Oyster fest oyster 9-7/9
Pirate con September 9-16

Summer of festivals

Monmouth and ocean country offer a shitload of festivals. Here are some I might go to

May 19th
Toms River chili festival

Summer fest
June 2

June 8-9-10

Great adventure Monday trip
June 11 or 18

Asbury jazz
June 30-1

Bradley lobster
July 14-15

Ice cream festival (toms river)
July 21

Asbury labor day
Sept 1-2

Asbury oyster fest
Sept 7-8-9

Neptune river fest
Sept 29