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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

triple Overtime

Went to the GARDEN tonight with Johnee B and a charter bus full of drunks.. We went to see the knicks game, and they won in a thrilling triple overtime victory. It was a great game...

more photos coming tomorrow

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Baby...

and a happy new year. I gave up on the 12 years of christmas video thing
( not to mention there is one of my hates out there who keeps flagging all my videos and that one had a nipple in it, so youtube removed it. This particular hater has been obsessed with harrassing me for a year, and for all the people that think I have too much free time, this person HAS WAY TOO much, to stalk me, come on folks I am just a fat dirty old man. But they watch and watch and read and stalk, comment rudely and really go out of their way to try to make me miserable. Well whoever you are, I am not going to be miserable.. And wont be stopped.. hehe.

All of us at, wish all of you a happy and festive christmas

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

day 1 of xmas

A little would be in the magazine article...
Life Gone Kra-Z v1.whatever

Giving Thanks

It’s been two months off from writing, and I’ve already lost track of what volume this is. Sad, isn’t it? Sorry you’ve been without my Life lately. Seems I’ve been missing some of it too. Everything’s back on track now, and hopefully we’ll all live Happily ever after. One thing back is my Love Life, having survived an almost breakup. Sorry boys, but the sexy blond at my side will be there for a bit longer. Okay, a LOT longer, with any luck. One year has passed, and we’re now Stronger than we’ve been. I’m writing this in the midst of a week-long Anniversary/Halloween celebration including fancy dinners, cozy dinners in a tent in our living room, movies, Cirque du Soleil, house parties, and the world famous Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball. It’s been a helluva week and I’m feeling pretty good right now… feeling good and grateful. Which is a perfect, if not obvious, segue into this month’s holiday topic of Thanksgiving.

Every year, families around this country sit down for dinners of stuffing, turkey, stuffing ourselves with turkey, football, and giving thanks. If you’re like some, you’ll go around the table listening to what each person is Thankful for this year. Since I don’t really have that tradition, much less with the other Orphans in Vegas who will be sharing our Hotel and Casino Buffet Thanksgiving dinner, I figured I’d just spit mine out here. After all, what good is having your own column if you can’t just talk about shit that means nothing to anyone else? Of course, why not also add in what I’m NOT so thankful for, just for Shits and Giggles.

- My Girl: Thankful that it’s been an amazing, exciting rollercoaster of a first year with an incredible, intelligent, beautiful, sexy woman, and we Love each other to death. Not-so-thankful that some days I think she’s going to drive me to that death long before my Love gives way.
- Friends and Family: Can’t live without them. That’s all there is to it. Not-so-thankful that “Friends are the only family you can choose” because I’d like to trade in a family member for a new friend.
- The internet (and other technologies): I’m thankful that right now, I can get buffalo wings with hot BBQ sauce delivered, download 100’s of new albums, order the new Fighting Gravity CD (to support the Homies), and pay for them all with a debit card, while talking to my girl on a Bluetooth headset, playing Unreal Tournament with some friends on one monitor and watching downloaded German Bestiality Porn on the other… without ever leaving my apartment, handling Cash, or talking to anyone I don’t have to. Not-so-thankful that I still have to make polite conversation with the delivery guy just to keep him from doing pornographic experiments with my next order.
- TV: Seems like there are more decent shows on TV again, so I’m really thankful for that. Thank you 8 lb, 6 oz Baby Jesus for Lost, Heroes, Dexter, Weeds, Drawn Together, Family Guy, etc. Not-so-thankful that I can’t turn on the TV at any time of any day and Not find a Law & Order: Whatever, a CSI: Wherever, or any of the plethora of rip-offs of those franchises. I get it: criminals beware… we have Hot Chicks and Guys With Attitudes just waiting for you to fuck up and leave behind an eyelash or drip of spit during your escapades, so they can solve their Toughest Case Ever in an hour (minus commercial breaks). As for House and it’s rip-offs: same show, same cool camera effects, but with diseases not dirtbags. And would someone please, for the love of all things Holy, PLEASE tell me why the fuck Seventh Heaven is BACK on the air?!?!
- Thongs: Right now, my living-proof-of-evolution girlfriend (skinny white girl with an incredible ass) is wondering around in a Red Lace Thong. Just Imagine how Thankful I am. Not-so-thankful that… are you kidding me?!? Maybe that thongs aren’t acceptable work clothing. But that’s it.
- Las Vegas: Thankful that this city is such an AMAZING, never-ending assortment of shows, movies, concerts, fame, bars, clubs, love, lust, fun, food, architecture, different cultures, drugs, beauty, strippers, strippers/real estate agents, gorgeous hookers, and Life. Not-so-thankful that this city is also such a FUCKED UP, never-ending assortment of shitty, dangerous drivers; Spanish-only-speaking, shitty, dangerous drivers without insurance; tourists in general; lousy education; 115 degree days; clubs too big to find your way around, but sill too packed to be able to move and too loud to talk and too expensive to sit down in; famous people fucking up cover charges and guest lists; cool people fucking up life in general; and ugly hookers living in my apartment complex.
- George W. Bush: One day in the future, people the world over will study this man as what NOT to do with power. I’m so incredibly thankful that, not only am I alive to witness an event as historically Disastrous as his Presidency and the resulting chaos and destruction, but that as of this writing, there are only 813 Days, 1 hour, and 25 minutes left of it (the Presidency, not the effects). Not-so-thankful that there are still 813 days, 1 hour…
- Gleny: I’m thankful that there’s yet another overweight, geeky Jersey boy getting some love just for having fun and being who he is (much love to Kevin Smith too). Not-so-grateful that he’s doing it 2556 miles away from me where I can’t join the fun.
- Thanksgiving: I’m thankful that on this one day, no matter how old or young, no matter who you eat with, it is perfectly acceptable to wear sweatpants because you’re not only allowed, but EXPECTED, to eat more food than it would take to feed a displaced Iraqi family for a year. Not-so-thankful that while recovering from said gluttony, all that’s on TV is football. Or fucking CSI.

… Kra-Z is an Artist. ‘Nuff said. He lives and plays in Las Vegas, but his heart is still on stage at the Jersey Shore. See his work at Complaints and compliments are welcomed at …

Friday, December 08, 2006

12 days of christmas

I am going to try to do a video upload for each of the 12 days of xmas... but for now here is a little fun animation from the past...

and oh yeah, december racks and thongs of the month to be uploaded soon

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


so i am going to try to blog everyday.. with something, maybe a story, maybe a schedule update.. maybe a video, or links to new photos.. I might even put little pictorials here,... who knows.

well for now, the house is coming along quite well. It is still tons and tons of work, straigthening and preparing.
we are doing family xmas here so it has to be ready by then.. ALSO THE FIRST PARTY IS JAN 6th...


if you are looking for gift ideas,, go buy a friend a sex toy.. sextoys link on the right!

Monday, December 04, 2006

bday weekend

the weekend was a little crazy... thank god it is over. We did lots of stuff, bar a and headliner and thursday was a few pubs.. sunday , sat around... we are about 50% settled into the gleny.compound.

i think thursday we start building the bar in the manroom... we plan on having family xmas here, so the house has to be set for that. I got a poker table and a cool poker rub, so it looks like we might have some poker nites.. probably not strip,but i will try for ya.

you know my motto.. I DO IT FOR THE PEOPLE.
still no magazine, and trying to figure out how to keep up on blogging and youtubing.. i think that is the new general direction... new videos all the time.

OH YeAH.. bday rack and thongs coming soon.. i am just a tad behind

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

slow rebuilding with youtube

Bar a was an ok time for thanksgiving eve eve. Not sure I am going out tonight.. Tomorrow is turkey day and I think we are spending it at the in-laws.. shit, they are actually in-laws I am legally bound to be in the same room with them. We bought a new house. the gleny.compound is almost ready to move into. Good things are going to be happening there folks, I will try to keep you all abreast.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 broke my heart

well youtube deleted me and I have to start all over.. so all the videos prior to this are probably broken links...

more coming soon.... some old, some new, no more borrowed, youtube blew

Monday, November 13, 2006

bored so i photoshop

I was going to make this my front page , but not really sure.. I just uploaded 3 new videso to my you tube.. If you are on my MY SPACE list you should have gotten a bulletin about them...

Aslo BDAY 3DAY is coming...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

cute thighs and news

I know halloween has come and gone, but I forgot to share this great fansign I got from a girl from UTAH.. I am not sure if she is one of those girls into mulitple wives or not, but it is a nice little sign.

~~no more magazine.
~~compressed, it will just be a blog and photos, but lots and lots of photos.. I will of course do some gleny traditions like rack of the month, and there will be monthly pictorials like the magazine. But the mag was more work then it was worth.. Sorry if you were one of the people that enjoyed it. But I have to work the regular job sometimes...
~~WE CLOSE on our new house on friday!

go RSVP to my BDAY 3DAY people....


as for the rest of my week.. it looks to pan out like this....
~~devils rangers game at MSG on Tuesday.
~~long shot for brookdale poetry slam.. not performing, but I am going to support a friend.
~~The Weekend is all work and home owner stuff...

Friday, November 03, 2006

$1125 / 1br - Live across the street from the ocean year round!

This is one you don't want to miss! You can see the ocean from your bedroom and kitchen in this cute and comfy 2nd level apartment. Details are as follows:

**1 bedroom
**ocean view
**coin-op laundry directly below
**parking spot (a must in the summer time when you live on the beach!)
**basement storage
**2 closets in bedroom
**large storage closet in living room
**Available December 1, 2006! email for appointment -

Monday, October 30, 2006

looks like parade weather to me


well ok there is more.. TOMORROW, no spots on the bus are gauranteed.. awarded on seniority... there will be a few other vehicles going into the city.. so it is a fun caravan.. LEAVING BELMAR @ 2pm...

returning immediately after parade.. so park your cars near the end of parade.. so you dont have to walk back to them... my cell 732 822 9096. . text me any questions.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

parade detials

bus and other support vehicles leave belmar 2pm on halloween... if you are coming in the bus, i have no idea how many people are going to show or fit.. but we will need to take other vehicles.. when we get to ny, the other vehicles should park near the end of parade.. easier to walk over at 330 rather than at end of parade in the dark...

bring costumes., fun costumes, we are a xmas theme, if you want to match, otherwise be photogenic and fun.. ZERO DRAMA PLEASE... this is the funnest day of the year for the shortbus and come out and make it outstanding..

This is where the parade ends.. this is where you want your vehicles.. corners of 6th or 7th around 21st and 22nd street..When the parade is over, everyone is ready to bolt, and the shortbus is hightailing it back to belmar, I estimate being back at bar a around 1230...
this is the google earth location of the line up of the march...Get here ASAP... The bus should be in spot around 4pm... with tons of halloween boo juice.. I am buying so much booze we won't run out.. no matter how hard we try. NO SPONSOR this year, and we aren't allowed to have one ( parade stuff ), so if you are drinking the juice $10 chip in.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


friday - headliner for FREAK dressed as an ASTRONAUT
sat- 9am start for MONMOUTH HOMECOMING with the SHORTBUS.. i think dressed as jungle king.
sat nite- either bar a or jenks..depending.. might just be in a vinyl mini dress...
sun - cancelled mini rally

actual halloween.. Shortbus drives in nyc parade, leaving belmar 2pm.. NAUGHTY SANTA.. and lots of christmas themed friends..

Sunday, October 15, 2006

jay's bday

went to Bar A and the HEADLINER for Jay's bday.. got lots of photos, and a few video clips of VERN enjoying using the ass paddle on people.. I really think she enjoyed it too much

Monday, October 02, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006

today's video blog

if I have to pay to halloween parade, i am going to ask for donations for it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I got up way too early today.. What do people do at 8am anyways? It is super nice, so i am going to just set my alarm and sneak in 2 more hours of sleepful bliss.

then I am running some errands.. Should be a productive day. If anyone out there needs me or misses me, text me, cuz I got nothing but free time today..

and that means a nice new video blog from somewhere later..

Monday, September 18, 2006

redesign and fairwell

they had their annual belmar bonfire saturday nite, but we missed it.. here is a little clip from a previous one.

By the way, is going under construciton.. I am trying to make it more focused and organized.. I am shuffling around the photo albums too.. and then as soon as that is done, I am starting the October Magazine, which will also have some slight design changes as well

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

nuts, fucking nutjobs

Fears of revenge attacks on stingrays over Irwin death
found online....

At least ten stingrays have been found dead and mutilated on Australia’s eastern coast in the last week in what conservationists believe could be revenge attacks for the death of Steve Irwin, the popular naturalist and television personality.

Irwin, known by his fans as the "Crocodile Hunter", was killed last Monday when a stingray barb pierced his chest as he filmed a new TV programme off the Great Barrier Reef. His death triggered an outpouring of grief in Australia and among thousands of admirers worldwide.

But now it is feared that fans' mourning has taken a new focus: stingray rage.

The dead stingrays have been discovered on two beaches in Queensland state, where Mr Irwin lived and ran his popular wildlife park, Australia Zoo. Two of the unfortunate rays, discovered today, were retrieved with their tails lopped off, according to local fishery officials.

Michael Hornby, a friend of Mr Irwin and executive director of his conservation group Wildlife Warriors, said he was concerned that the rays, which are usually docile creatures, were being hunted and killed in retaliation for Irwin's death, which he said, would go against everything that the television star had stood for.

"It may be some sort of retribution, or it may be fear from certain individuals, or it just may be yet another callous act toward wildlife," he said.

"We are disgusted and disappointed that people would take this sort of action to hurt wildlife. We just want to make it very clear that we will not accept and not stand for anyone who has taken a form of retribution. That’s the last thing Steve would want."

"Stingrays are beautiful creatures and play an important role for the environment. I hope everyone understands we have to protect wildlife now more than ever. This is what Steve was all about."

Stingrays are usually shy, unobtrusive fish that rummage along the sea bottom for food or burrow into the sand. When stepped on or otherwise frightened, a serrated spine up to 25cm (10 inches) long in the animal’s tail flares up.

The spines emit toxins that can kill small creatures and cause excruciating pain in humans. Few people die from the poison, but the spines can badly tear flesh and the wounds are prone to infections, including tetanus.

Rick Symons, government fisheries manager of animal welfare, said that officials were investigating the matter and warned that offenders could be prosecuted if evidence of cruelty was found.

Wayne Sumpton, from the state fisheries department, said there had been reports of similar incidents in the past after fishermen had inadvertently caught stingrays and cut off their tails to avoid being stung, but such incidents were not common and were not condoned by the authorities.

Meanwhile, Irwin's admirers appear also to be using technology to avenge the death of the daredevil star.

A website has created a game called Terri Irwin's Revenge, depicting the naturalist's wife firing at stingrays underwater. The aim of the game, which is being circulated via e-mail, is to kill as many stingrays as possible without getting hit, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

However, the game has been receiving mixed responses from online visitors. "We should make it clear, this game is intended to be a memorial and NOT a funny parody," say its creators, who go by the names of Josh Tuttle, -altr- and Onic, on the website

Mr Irwin was buried last week in the grounds of his zoo at a private ceremony after his family turned down the offer of a state funeral. A public memorial service will be held next week.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

sept 8th

hey guys and gals...

just a fast blog. friday is an emotional day for me.. not every year, but some years and this week was kind of a let down. So I may not be happy bouncing gleny tomorrow. Do me a favor and dont shit on me or give me attitude cuz of it. I am going to work tomorrow and I do have plans to go out friday nite, probably happy hour at bar a for dinner, then who knows where. That was all i had to say. Some people close to me might know why, but most of you dont know. Just trust me. I want it to be saturday as soon as possible

Saturday, September 02, 2006

first video blog

I am starting video blogs.. The new magazine for september is up as well.. check it on the front page of gleny...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

the last 2 weeks

Well I have been busy, here is a little list of what you have missed.. well what I haven't blogged about.. cuz you don't miss anything with the 'magic' of and digital photography..

married and honeymooned in belize - fantastic times, married life is about the same, I enjoy it.

a few pnc concerts;
Counting Crows
OAR tailgate
the art center is more and more fun each time I tailgate... and I have 311 next thursday, and I am definitely going on sept 15th for the last show of the year and JOURNEY..

I WON MY BUS TICKET - I got a ticket for 'indoor furniture outdoors" for the couch that was on top of the shortbus. But it was a housing violation and I took em to court. I came out the winner.. THE LITTLE GUY WINS, THE LITTLE GUY WINS!!!

AUGUST MAGAZINE CAME OUT... vicki on the cover, she is thin and innocent but people seem to still like her.

and rounding out news... I went to the dentist and all is well in the land of .com

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

landed safe in beleize

dial up jungle connection, so you will have to bare with me for updates... We were late for our first flight and after 13hours of travel, 3 planes, and a long bumpy truck ride, we arrived safe.. This place is amazing and the staff is so damn friendly.. tomorrow we dive! today we did the jungle and cave adventure... It was a good spelunking time I tell ya!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

we got married

thank you for all the people that helped along the way, we are now officailly gleny and mrs. Thanks folks. Leave for the honeymoon around 4am monday morning and I really wont be updating much, well i dont think. The wedding was a great time, and everyone who went loved it. MY photographers sent me a little batch of shots... there is a gallery, but mrs gleny only wants friends and family looking at it, so if you need to see, email either of us

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The sandcastle team pulled through and gave me a great pre wedding gift... We won BEST of BEACH in dramatic fashion.. a giant boat being attacked by sharks.. fun part was the boat was called the SS MAYOR.. hehe

Sunday, July 09, 2006

big week

ok the wedding is saturday, but before that.. the sandcastle contest is wednesday in belmar... come cheer us on, wear your bikinis and be ready to chant PRINGLE MUST GO... you will all love our sculpture...SERIOUSLY,show some mid week love folks

and guess what is wednesday nite?? 8pm

Robo-fucking-saurus baby!!! raceway park, IF i have energy, I might go....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

gleny for mayor bumper stickers are out

The weekend was decent, I just uploaded a stack of photos... and also the July issute of the magazine is out...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

holiday weekend

Happy 4th everyone. I am kind of inviting people over on the 2nd ( sunday ) for a little get together, it is BYOB and i probably won't have much food.. but I gots the view. Right on Ocean ave in belmar. We will be watching all the bennys trek to and fro to djais... should be starting like 3 or 4ish... a little post beach time slot, will probably go til dark, maybe longer.

As for monday and tuesday.. Monday I will be going to BAR A , they have a little 3 band concert or what not.. Should be good, on the 4th, looks like fireworks in bradley.. It is the easiest and closest ... Just riding the trike down. Be safe, be fun... gleny

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

and the first bus ticket of the summer is in

16-10.3 Furniture.
No beds, mattresses, couches, chairs or other furniture not designed or intended for outdoor use shall be placed, stored or utilized on any porch, stoop, balcony, deck, patio or other exterior location or yard of any premises, except at curbside for bulk pick-ups, and then only in accordance with subsection 23-4.5. (Ord. No. 1994-23 § 3)

that is write I got my first ticket from the town of belmar and guess what? it is a housing violation.. well I will be going to court again... First tomorrow i am going to find out how much it is... also if anyone has any OUTDOOR furniture they are throwing out, i need a new couch for up top the bus.

comment, please comment

Thursday, June 22, 2006

same old same old

don't you feel like sometimes you are just doing the same thing over and over day in and day out? I mean I love being gleny, don't get me wrong, but This week it has been a little repitious and mundane. Did the Bar a thing, it was too crowded, did some work, sat online a lot, figured out a way both myself and miss gleny could avoid doing any chores around thouse.

I even tried to go on the WOW opie and anthony road rally thing. I just wasn't into it, We go no sleep left for the city at 4am, got to meet the guys and then drove the bus for what ended up beiong like 8 hours. (sigh)

The best parade of the year is coming up!! the MERMAID parade, if you are still on the fence you should decide. And decide to go. I Am putting all the heart and soul into this one folks... BUS LEAVES BELMAR @ 10am SATURDAY!

Friday, June 02, 2006

rainy weekend and not much doing

not much doing this weekend. I might go out Saturday nite with my Benny friends but not sure where... Friday nite I will probably stay in but my wedding band - DADDY POP - is playing at the headliner. By the way, we are doing another Daddy Pop/ Bus trip to AC... Click for detials

The June magazine issue is out. Go check that out..

I started sculpting the wedding centerpeices.. I have 12 done out of 24... This is just the first 1. I want to keep these hush hush.

Next week.. Nada Surf concert, AMISH @ BAR A friday, Belmont Stakes the 10th, and Big Tailgate @ PNC for Jewel and Rob Thomas on the 11th

Saturday, May 27, 2006


so leo did it folks, he lost 30lbs in 40days.. and now he gets to shave someone's head. Click the photo to see the video and watch the magic...


i have to work sat and sunday, and I am way behind on photos, but i promise i will catch up... no big events planned til june 10th... check my myspace for those latest updates

Friday, May 26, 2006

memoial day weekend

well I ashamed to admit, but I went to Djais last nite with the Bennys and I had a good time. I only stayed a little while, but it was tolerable.

I was on the dance floor pumping up and i know what you are thinking, I am a disgrace, but it was on ok time. Now I know I am not going tonight, because the place will be too crowded, but I promised the bennys that I would right about my trip in my blog...
rest of weekend

friday nite HAPPY HOUR @ BAR A ... maybe headliner after.
saturday some hanging out around during the day, I work saturday nite, and when I get home, just guido watching out front my apartment.
sunday nite I am not sure yet

Sunday, May 21, 2006

so much to blog

there is a lot coming up, not sure where to blog or what to say...

i finished a photo a day for 2005.. something i forgot to do..

Belmont Stakes is june 10th
Jewel Concert is june 11th
mermaid parade is june 24th...

all the other updates check my myspace.. that is just easier

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

That is correct, I finally won a BAR A happy after 4 years of entering. So this Friday May 19th, from 6-7... booze are on me, i think it is just beer well drinks, but they have free food. And it should be a good time.

I don't know the theme yet but as soon as I found out you will all know. And I think thursday nite is a blueclaws game shortbus trip. If anyone is feeling ballparkie, let me know.

Thanks for those that came out to the depeche mode tailgate. The crowd was really mellow being mother's day and all. About 14 of you showed up and that is way cool. Now the next arts center show is JEWEL and ROB THOMAS,so in theory that place should be sold out. We will see.

Golden Palace and I are in negotiations for my summer rate, so I may or maynot be getting more support out of them. I hope I do cuz then we can all go a little crazy for the summer. In other news... well there isn't much other news right now. But that hating commenter is still out there and it kind of disrupts the flow. Just everyone ignore her and maybe she will go away and die or something.

Monday, May 01, 2006


The may issue is getting closer to what I want, and now that it is warmer, There will be a lot more people willing to play photo time... Anyone wanna be a more girl? let me know.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

2 nites of bar a and stuff and staff

tuesday and wednesday photos are up on

go check em' out!

nothing really eventful planned for the weekend, but these two galleries are quality stuff...

Monday, April 24, 2006

new photos and a wet dog....

did some bar a and headliner this weekend, a little MS WALK in the rain, and the passworded album is just photos of the bus I am getting printed using the fotki service. ( to see how they are)

go see the new photos....

also check out my new myspace video


Tuesday is bar a and wednesday is bar a staff feildtrip...

Friday, April 21, 2006


busy weekend... first and formost it is earth day... I love the earth, you should too. I went to the poetry thing, the last poetry thing at coffee blue last nite, so for the last 30hours I have been talking and reciting stuff to myself, at like every weird thing I see.. I drove by the ocean today, it was rough and i thought; "The ocean looked angry today, but you know what she has a right to be.." then like blah blah with a poetry rant in my head. IT is like when you plated NINTENDO for a weekend when you first got it and you have like nintendo-mares and here that damn zelda song in your sleep.... anyways.


for the weekend,
FRIDAY NITE-- i might go out i might now... DADDY POP @ the HEADLINER

SATURDAY is the SPRING BASH 3 @ Bar A... long story short, 7 bands... free BBQ and The AMISH OUTLAWS @ 8.... I Will be there like 7-12.

SUNDAY MORNING is the MS walk in belmar, a good time, a good cause..

The MAGAZINE is taking shape and a big redesign is probably due around then...

Monday, April 17, 2006

mayor race 2006

that is correct folks, i am running for mayor of belmar, nj. I am going to start a myspace profile of people that either live in belmar and want to vote for me, or want to help with the campaign. Serious people only

go check it out and sign up

Saturday, April 15, 2006


happy easter from me to you folks...

tonight is kellytodd's wedding and tomorrow is easter, some family stuff going on. That is about it from here, take care everyone. oh yeah, took a few bikini photos this afternoon.. we made it through another winter!! woo hoo

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

blueclaws and wedding bells and we are off to see the wizard

All the faces on the shorbus have been removed and a new cartoon mural is in mid production. I cut a lot of people out, sorry folks. The only facs on here are people that help out at the bus functions. It will be nice when finished

Thursday nite is a little bus trip to the blue claws home opener and first pour. IF you wanna go get in touch with me, the shortbus leaves belmar at like 530... game at 630, and the seats are really cheap.
Friday nite is dinner and urban yuppy nite, not sure if we are going out after.
Saturday is Kelly and Todd's wedding.. good times and should be good good photos too.
Sunday is easter and i think i am going as the easter bunny to family dinner.

Friday, April 07, 2006

this weekend

That is right kids, your buddy and mine Sharky will be celebrity cheffin' @ bar a Monday nite... come on in and support him, I have an odd feeling it will be my 4th day in a row there though,

friday nite is SHORTBUS BACHELORETTE NITE... happy hour bar a stop
Saturday is Denise's bday, so i have to stop in for a drink and 100 photos that nite
sunday is TROP BINGO @ BAR A ... breakfast fucking good time
and then sharky on sunday.....

god that is too much of one place, but ya gotta go where you are needed

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I just dont feel like be today

i am a few hours until the APRIL magazine is finished. I am also redesigning a bit, making it basically a MAGAZINE and a BLOG.. oh yeah with a PHOTO GALLERY.

I also have 2 nites of photos, I just dont feel like cropping, tomorrow i work and we are going to an AVON WALK for BREAST CANCER in NYC meeting in Manhattan... so don't look for much the next few days.

sorry folks, but i just dont feel like being today.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

lookie lookie

most of you remember cheryl right? she works at bar a in the summer, she is a gleny girl. She is short and cute. Brunette and well, has really large boobs. She started out not liking me, but i got to her over 2005. Well on spring break she entered a maxim bikini contest...

go vote for her

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Home Safe from Savannah

go see some fucking savannah baby

The open road was kind to the bus, the bus was a magnet for love and excitement, and Team Savannah from kicked total ass. I don't have time to give you all the details, The april edition of MORE with be half a tribute to Savannah. I do want to say that Savannah is a party town. It is insane on St Patrick's weekend. Drinking in streets, yelling and screaming from 9am til 3am thurs-sunday. It was a great trip, no hitches, no regrets, no tickets or fines.

Go check out the photos, and if you were there, comment and fill in the stories. Also if you want to write anything for more magazine... please let me know. I have 9 days to crank it out. March was a long month and put the toll on me. I will be glad for spring.

longterm events:
April- medieval times
May- grande cinco de mayo thing
Depeche mood @ pnc (may 14th)
Aids walk in DC (5-22)
June- AC bus trip #2
maybe camping trip with Jay
june 17th - and dj prime nite @ the sawmill
Hagar @ PNC (6-20)

Monday, March 13, 2006


the seaside parade was great and so was the bar hop... photos are here

next up is the trip to savannah, i will be going out tomorrow nite to bar a , for a little low key nite... wear something sexy people cuz i won't be around til next tuesday... I need a reason to come home!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

the belmar parade protest went great. We kept it clean, talked to the press and to the people, without interupting the actual parade. Then we went to bar a and it was insane busy, and a great time....

now on to seaside's parade... assembly is 11am, the bus leaves belmar around 10am. If you want on, let me know, there might be room. The parade starts at 12.. then as soon as it is over, a stop at klees... then to bamboo, then XS @ 5pm for the amish outlaws.. then onto the Leprechan's Ball @ the sawmill where DJ prime will finish us off... hehe, and then out of seaside like 9.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

WEll the plunge was a freezing cold success... good times, I drank before jumping for the first time in my 6 year plunge carreer..damn you mr maddog 20/20. We got kicked out of martels, refused enterance into o'neils for the parade fundraiser and then with dancing danielle's help we got cut off at connolly station... a little nutty of day, but we all made it home alive.

the march edition of the magazine is up. april's edition is going to be hard with 3 major event days in march.. but if anyone wants to help out, write me stuff....

saturday nite is the AC bus trip for daddy pop... i am going, if you wanna come , there might be a seat or 2.. the midgets and the bennys are coming... and the glenys and the homies.. should be interesting....

sunday is belmar parade/ demonstration and protest. we are banned, we aren't really going to protest protest, but maybe a sign or two.. look for us on the corner of 16th ave and main streeet by the gas station.... then bar hopping, probably just pauls tavern and bar a

Monday, February 20, 2006

the bus trip is on again. This time daddy pop is doing all the leg work. We are leaving 430pm on saturday March 4th. We are going to harrahs and it should be a great time. $40 tickets and you get some money back on voucher.. casino punch and coors light will be available on the bus

Monday, February 13, 2006

The men's team won. but my girls lost their first match, they go up against CANADA tonight, and I hope that they turn it around. By the way I have a cursh on the female curling team. I hope they do well tonight.
Tomorrow is VDAY, happy valentines to you miss gleny, we went for a little dinner tonight, I work tomorrow nite and I am will probably go to bar a still.
going with a white and black, fur and type theme... WEAR EITHER BLACK OR WHITE, accent with fur if you like. I will make cute goldenpalace bear eared hats to share. No drinking in town, but we will at dj chris's. It should be a great jump

Sunday, February 12, 2006


SO it really snowed, that sucks. I am just sitting online and wasting time. Didnt go out this weekend, so I dont have any new content, but maybe I will venture outside for some snowy photos. anyone want to pose on the beach in the snow?

THE GOLDEN PALACE POLARBEAR PLUNGE is Sunday, Feb 26t. After debating about a few different themes, I am going with polarbear and goldenpalace, wear white and fur or back bottoms.. it is a black and white event. The after party is @ Dj Chris's and should be intense. Let me know if you are man or woman enough to join us.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

congrats steelers

congrats steelers, I guess rubbing my terrible on Phil the groundhog worked. That video is in the editting process, and it is going to be killer. Go read the new issue of MORE and if anyone wants to get involved, shoot me an email... Needs advertisers and contributers...

Friday, February 03, 2006 and Golden take on the knob

Well ground hog day was perfect... everything went according to schedule... We too the shortbus and it drove perfectly. We left at 5pm on Wednesday and arrived @ groundhog plaza around 1am. We were greeted with open arms and cheers as if they knew we were coming. Around 2:45 we left ground hog plaza for our 'trek to the knob', but the cool part this year was we got a parking pass ahead of time and instead of trekking a mile in the woods, we just drove the shortbus. We took like 5 extra people from the plaza; these 3 guys offered money and this other couple were fun. When we got to the knob the male in the couple wore a little GOLDEN PALACE poster board tent thing for an hour. It was classic.

We set up the plastic tent and made ourselves a little living room. I only did 1 interview from there, and it was out to talk to the people. And without needing to be said, the public ate us up. I was in a dead sexy fur coat and Jay was once again the shadow. This year we added neighbor Joe who went as "UNDERHOG". A make shift super groundhog hero (the costume was last minute, but it was hilarious) and Danielle. Now on the way to PUNXUTAWNEY I made a little fur bikini top, which proved very important in winning over the inner circle. Which as we would have it, were just perverted old men in tuxes.

At about 6:30 am, the fireworks started and the stage was set, for Phil to be awakening. They did the little knocking on the knob, and pulled him out of the hole. It was great, were in the very front, I mean I think I got spritzed when that scared little weather man pissed in excitement (and I think Phil might have too). The poem was read and it was 6 more weeks of winter... that sucks, but what doesn't suck is the following. I got to interview Bill the handler and Phil 3rd. We followed just ABC and NBC. We got in front of CNN, CBS and FOX. I was quite pleased and as promised to GOLDENPALACE.COM, I placed a nice hat on Phil during the interview. HE didn’t have much to say, he was probably exhausted like us.

Speaking of exhaustion, we went back to town, tried to get some breakfast and a few of us passed out. Some of us went to look at the carnival that was there. At about 11am, we hit the road again. And with a round trip of 712 miles, we all arrived safely home before 8pm on the 1st. I can speak for most of us, we had a great time and I know for a fact that I will be back.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank team groundhog 06. Thanks Jay ( smile guy),Neighbor Joe, Rich my cameraman, Stevie 'the intern', Colleen ( who even though was super cramped up held in and contributed), Danicg Danielle, and Jess ( still no nickname ). These guys made it all happen and they are all invited to any events in the future.

Check out the photos

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

going to the knob

alright the day is finally here... over a year ago Jay and I went to punxatawnie for groundhogs day, and it was amazing.. surreal and an adventure. This year we are stepping it up, taking the shortbus and 9 people.. we are going to rule that town and all the folks in it...
well I will be gone for 2 days... so email me if you like, text me.

see you at the knob

Saturday, January 28, 2006

groundhog schedule

last year's ground hog video is on my myspace page..

it is cold but really fun you can only have there. we will have toys, treats, and drinkie drinkies.. as well as nap quarters for ride home.

the bus departs belmar @ 4pm on wednesday, maybe 5. i can pick u you as we leave town.. only very cool and chill people going.. zero drama team.

you will be returned 8pm on thursday.....

rough itinery.... 4pm drive, arrive midnite, hang out and party... 3am go to gnob... big gathering, bonfire, dj, fireworks.. 7am phil wakes up and predicts... 8am-11am, breakfast and a little intown carnival stuff... 12pm out of there and on the road home... during bus driving, there will be arts and crafts and movies on the way... can start drinking like 8ish...

on the way home... naps, quiet music and probably group footrubs

Thursday, January 26, 2006

almost folks

ground hog day is a week away.... so excite.. THis is going to be the greatest feild trip ever.... signs, costumes, fur bikinis, bookze... fun fun fun.

also feb MORE is about done

this issue is much better than last months, and i am hoping it will inspire more people to add for the march issue... "Leprechans and Local complaints..."

Monday, January 23, 2006

So banned from belmar parade... sucks, but I am determined to make the best of it. Here is the shirt I plan on wearing.

We will be gathering at secret locations around town, celebrating and carrying on. We will be spreading the word of how this small town has banded their locals.

But long before that GROUND HOG's day is next week.. Holy shit the year flew by and JAY and I are excited.. this year we are bringing TEAM GROUND HOG with us, and it should be epic.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

still no bus trip

still no bus trip... not sure about what to do this weekend, but i am sure it will pan out... seriously who is ampted for groundhog day?

oh yeah... enough of the hate comments people, they bore me


there was a problem with the charter bus... not blaming names, but the AC bus trip has been posponed to a later date.. I am sorry for all of those that took off work, trust me no one is more let down then me...

on a lighter note, that saturday, I will going to see the AMISH OUTLAWS at bar a.. anyone want to join me... I know it will be a blast of a nite.


Monday, January 16, 2006


i got up all early to make you guys a video, see i was going to record in black and white and recite the ' i have a dream 'speak by the late great MR DR KING. but ahh too much work. The feb mag looks good and should be out on time... I will do a good april one... i am thinking of opening it up to advertisements so that should be nice and money making.

I Will be at Bar A this tuesday and it should be a great nite, just a medium crowd expected, but I have that good gleny vibe.. people should come out and see me . and pose it up folks. I have been doing a lot of bar photo work for and the gleny pics are a little behind, so this tuesday I want to post 300 photos.. so i am bring props and excitement.

THIS COMING SATURDAY IS THE AC BUS TRIP.... so that is good, and I got off sunday for the championships.. I wonder where i should watch them...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

stripper rally was ok

a few things... 101.5 does not know how to throw an event, they spent $4000 on the charter bus and had it wrapped with fancy logo's on both sides, but should have called it 100 hotties march, and paid promo girls to be there... they only brought about 12 girls.. and were bragging on the radio of over 600.

so that aside, brought the party, our dj was louder and by far superior to theirs, their speakers and the dj's sucked.. Sorry 101.5 but has to report how it is..

good news, we got some great video and I got to polish up my interview skills... might about about half a dvd out of today.. not bad... OH YEAH GO TO THE FRONT PAGE AND BUY HALLOWEEN DVD... i need a little revenue to help out this month, thanks... BUY BUS ADS FOR SUMMER EARLY AND GET A DEAL LOCAL BUSINESSES WANTED..

also we were banned from the st pattys day parade, so we have to come up with something to do that day... might march on foot, might just run around, might find a mainstreet drive way or parking lot to party in. IF you go to a parade fundraiser tell the committee that they are wrong in excluding us... is as local as local gets! and it is a sham we are outted...

Golden palace gave us shirts but most of them had to be cut down to scraps ( don't worry we left the logo , pretty much just the logo)

oh yeah, ILLUSIONS was great to us today... they fed us for free, let us video some girls on the poles inside the club dancing and the owner, elenor is great...she was like my long lost grandma... i want to move to illusions to live... hehe

Monday, January 09, 2006

BUS... help advertise on the SHORT BUS

hello everyone.. how was your weekend? mine was good thanks
for asking. Well it is monday and I am in a BUS mood. The shortbus just got
out of the shop and had a little work done to get her ready for her trip to
groundhog's day. I just wanted to take a minute and open up all the local businesses
a great advertising oppurtunity. Buy a spot on the bus... Get your ad on her
from MAY - the end of AUGUST... Not to throw numbers around but it is a lot
cheaper than you think this kind of exposure would be. Come on, you know that
you have seen the shortbus and you know that 100s of your customers have also...
And it really doesn't matter what business you have. The Mobile billboard is
parked right on Ocean Ave and 17th in Belmar.. This is a very busy intersection...
in the summer there are 1000s of people that see this vehicle everyday. Buy
early and you can have the adds on for the spring too... Keep in mind I drive
this thing to concerts and tons of populated events all summer.

go see your options larger

go see your options larger

email me any questions...
or if you want to know about prices...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

fast update

just so everyone knows the DVDs are being printed
the Jan edition of MORE is being received well
FEB MORE will um, be MORE.. hehe bigger and better

jan 21st is the AC Bus trip, reserve your spots.. for details.. goldenpalace is throwing in a ton of shirts for us to make a sceene in the casinos!! woo hoo

the intern and I maybe camping out in times square a nite or 2 in the shortbus, if anyone has the balls to come along let me know.

this week, no big events. maybe bar a tuesday, and i think i am doing the coors light girl thing next friday

Friday, January 06, 2006

weekend coming

no major plans this week, doing a few njcoors and coors light girl things... nothing too racy, bamboo tonight for the maxim model search, but who knows if any maxim model worthy girls will be there.

the AC bus trip is coming and goldenpalace is sending everyone a free shirt,, woohoo, i can't wait for that nite of photos...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

marisa mosaic

go check out this mosaic.. firs attempt, not bad.

jan 21st ... AC bus trip... audio announcement coming tomorrow.
send me articles for feb edition of more.. black or valentine based...