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Thursday, September 23, 2010

GOP pledge

I just read the 30 something page pledge to america. It has about 12 paragraphs of action. About 20 pages of democrat bashing. 10 full color pages of sappy American shit. ie. The statue of liberty anf mt rushmore.

It is basically just we hate Obama. Actually say to end his kenysian experiment. Little racist dig. Nice GOP. And just repeal anything he has done. Of the GOP get the control of the senate. Obama really will be blocked on the next 2 years. And we will all still be in the shitter

Ok. My breakdown of the pledge-
Revoke stimulus
Obolish forever tarp
Tax cuts for the rich like crazy
And vote out all the healthcare reform

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crazy politics

I can't break it all down. But holy extreme right Wing Christ Nazis. 5 no exception ban abortion GOP nominations. I really think that if the GOP gets 51 seats. They are going to ban abortion nation wide. And dems don't have the balls to stop them

The GOP guy running for NY governor is absolutely the creepiest guy to run for office in a while. He got caught emailing horse fucking a girl video and when they ask him, he just says "I could see how that could offend some kinds of people" then goes on record to say he is a person of cristian conservative values. Classic.

Some serious elections coming. I am still hoping the dems keep 51 seats