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Saturday, May 27, 2006


so leo did it folks, he lost 30lbs in 40days.. and now he gets to shave someone's head. Click the photo to see the video and watch the magic...


i have to work sat and sunday, and I am way behind on photos, but i promise i will catch up... no big events planned til june 10th... check my myspace for those latest updates

Friday, May 26, 2006

memoial day weekend

well I ashamed to admit, but I went to Djais last nite with the Bennys and I had a good time. I only stayed a little while, but it was tolerable.

I was on the dance floor pumping up and i know what you are thinking, I am a disgrace, but it was on ok time. Now I know I am not going tonight, because the place will be too crowded, but I promised the bennys that I would right about my trip in my blog...
rest of weekend

friday nite HAPPY HOUR @ BAR A ... maybe headliner after.
saturday some hanging out around during the day, I work saturday nite, and when I get home, just guido watching out front my apartment.
sunday nite I am not sure yet

Sunday, May 21, 2006

so much to blog

there is a lot coming up, not sure where to blog or what to say...

i finished a photo a day for 2005.. something i forgot to do..

Belmont Stakes is june 10th
Jewel Concert is june 11th
mermaid parade is june 24th...

all the other updates check my myspace.. that is just easier

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

That is correct, I finally won a BAR A happy after 4 years of entering. So this Friday May 19th, from 6-7... booze are on me, i think it is just beer well drinks, but they have free food. And it should be a good time.

I don't know the theme yet but as soon as I found out you will all know. And I think thursday nite is a blueclaws game shortbus trip. If anyone is feeling ballparkie, let me know.

Thanks for those that came out to the depeche mode tailgate. The crowd was really mellow being mother's day and all. About 14 of you showed up and that is way cool. Now the next arts center show is JEWEL and ROB THOMAS,so in theory that place should be sold out. We will see.

Golden Palace and I are in negotiations for my summer rate, so I may or maynot be getting more support out of them. I hope I do cuz then we can all go a little crazy for the summer. In other news... well there isn't much other news right now. But that hating commenter is still out there and it kind of disrupts the flow. Just everyone ignore her and maybe she will go away and die or something.

Monday, May 01, 2006


The may issue is getting closer to what I want, and now that it is warmer, There will be a lot more people willing to play photo time... Anyone wanna be a more girl? let me know.