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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

july misc photos

I haven't done RACK OF THE MONTH in years.. and I dont intend on bringing it back, but i will say that if I was to pick one for July.. Clavi definitely would win.. this tank top, bra, shimmer combo is off the shelf fantastic! well done CC

the summer is a strange photo thing.. I do all these giant events.. and the photos are amazing, then when i go out to just a bar... there is 30 ones.. just ya know, without the costumes and all the magic, i just dont take as many.. the problem is that sometimes the photos get lost..

so here is july 2011.. so far in 1 folder, if it wasn't in an event, this is how i am doing it for a while

and on the side.. I put up photo of a day for 2005.. going to get those POTDs up to date...

Saturday, July 02, 2011


i know it has been a few weeks, but WE GOT 3rd PLACE in the mermaid parade in coney island.. AMAZING

special thanks to everyone that put up with my craziness at the staging area, who donated to make it possible and who dressed up beautifully.. I am pretty sure we got the metal for spirit and not content, cuz there were dozens of floats better than ours.. But no one had our charm and charisma..

see you next year coney island, we love you.

see ya
out there

the ultimate tan

this summer i feel like being really really tan. So I have been doing outdoor activites and well experimenting.. No, no, not like sex with donkeys, like what kind of tanning lotions to use.. and no not weird stuff.. well ok, it might sound weird at first.. Last week i went out to the deck to tan, i only had about an hour before work, so i wanted to pick something that would speed things along. I could not find the baby oil, we were all out of olive oil as well. So i opted for PAM cooking spray, ya know the stuff you use to keep eggs from sticking. The funny part was that it was infact butter flavored..

So i am sitting there basting in my PAM spray and my own sweat.. Appartently it doesn't breathe well and i was really sweating, when i feel rosie licking my calf. I guess she got a hold of the taste of butter and went to town. She probably licked my legs and butter spray for about 30mins.. And this is where todays blog ends...

have a great day and get some tan...
oh yea, And i will see you out there


a few new fansigns have come in this year.. this is probably the raciest... thanks karlae!