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Sunday, March 26, 2006

lookie lookie

most of you remember cheryl right? she works at bar a in the summer, she is a gleny girl. She is short and cute. Brunette and well, has really large boobs. She started out not liking me, but i got to her over 2005. Well on spring break she entered a maxim bikini contest...

go vote for her

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Home Safe from Savannah

go see some fucking savannah baby

The open road was kind to the bus, the bus was a magnet for love and excitement, and Team Savannah from kicked total ass. I don't have time to give you all the details, The april edition of MORE with be half a tribute to Savannah. I do want to say that Savannah is a party town. It is insane on St Patrick's weekend. Drinking in streets, yelling and screaming from 9am til 3am thurs-sunday. It was a great trip, no hitches, no regrets, no tickets or fines.

Go check out the photos, and if you were there, comment and fill in the stories. Also if you want to write anything for more magazine... please let me know. I have 9 days to crank it out. March was a long month and put the toll on me. I will be glad for spring.

longterm events:
April- medieval times
May- grande cinco de mayo thing
Depeche mood @ pnc (may 14th)
Aids walk in DC (5-22)
June- AC bus trip #2
maybe camping trip with Jay
june 17th - and dj prime nite @ the sawmill
Hagar @ PNC (6-20)

Monday, March 13, 2006


the seaside parade was great and so was the bar hop... photos are here

next up is the trip to savannah, i will be going out tomorrow nite to bar a , for a little low key nite... wear something sexy people cuz i won't be around til next tuesday... I need a reason to come home!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

the belmar parade protest went great. We kept it clean, talked to the press and to the people, without interupting the actual parade. Then we went to bar a and it was insane busy, and a great time....

now on to seaside's parade... assembly is 11am, the bus leaves belmar around 10am. If you want on, let me know, there might be room. The parade starts at 12.. then as soon as it is over, a stop at klees... then to bamboo, then XS @ 5pm for the amish outlaws.. then onto the Leprechan's Ball @ the sawmill where DJ prime will finish us off... hehe, and then out of seaside like 9.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

WEll the plunge was a freezing cold success... good times, I drank before jumping for the first time in my 6 year plunge carreer..damn you mr maddog 20/20. We got kicked out of martels, refused enterance into o'neils for the parade fundraiser and then with dancing danielle's help we got cut off at connolly station... a little nutty of day, but we all made it home alive.

the march edition of the magazine is up. april's edition is going to be hard with 3 major event days in march.. but if anyone wants to help out, write me stuff....

saturday nite is the AC bus trip for daddy pop... i am going, if you wanna come , there might be a seat or 2.. the midgets and the bennys are coming... and the glenys and the homies.. should be interesting....

sunday is belmar parade/ demonstration and protest. we are banned, we aren't really going to protest protest, but maybe a sign or two.. look for us on the corner of 16th ave and main streeet by the gas station.... then bar hopping, probably just pauls tavern and bar a