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Thursday, August 11, 2016


While everyone is hunting pokemon, I have been spending my summer filing up my Poke Index with other things.....

some summer events

July 25th - mini golf bar tour seaside
August 6- Belmar pirate invasion
Aug 10- Johnny b booze cruise
August 20- picnic day @ Monmouth racetrack
August 27- mermaid promenade Asbury Park
Sept 16- pirate con Nyc

Dec 10- Santacon Asburt park

summer of the fun squad

A lot of great times this summer. And DJ Funsize has a lot do with them. We are killing at on our fun squad summer tour and he keeps rocking the jersey shore one club at a time. 


The Movie is a Go.. but still need some help

Production starts very soon on this 22 minute claymation featurette. The script is written and studio is being set up. Once set building begins. There will be some behind the scenes teaser shots for sure.
If anyone wants to help. There is plenty of help needed; voice over help, need some music, if any local bars want to sponsor the movie. (Spoiler alert) there is an extensive bar scene that easily be a sponsors bar.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Congestive Heart Failure

So due to a serious heart virus, I went in to congestive heart failure. IT was pretty awful. I retained 30 lbs of fluid and I could barely breathe. I was also super weak and a mess. There was some misdiagnosis going on for about 3 weeks..They thought it was asthma, but it wasn't. It sucked, I spent 8 days in the hospital..

I am not a spiritual person, but while on what felt like death's door.. and pumped full of meds, I felt like I actually had a conversation with God.....
ME: hey god, please help me get thru this...
god: Ok, Gleny, but you have to do something for me if you get out and live a long healthy life...
ME: of course God, what do you want from me
god: Try to have more fun with life....

so if you ask why it looks like I am having too much fun this year, and if I am too happy, or too ridiculous, fur remember one thing;

"who am I to disappoint God!"

Monday, July 11, 2016


As DJ Funsize and I add people to the Fun Squad, I will be trying to add their profiles here

as of now
Dj Funsize
Tequila Steve
Baby Bird
Dj Licious

Potential Probies
Victory "the spaz"
Random Annie

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Haven't done any Awards in a while...

I haven't done awards on my blog in a very long time... some concepts I am working on, are FAVORITE NEW PERSON of the MONTH

and of course bring back the RACK OF MONTH..

and maybe a spirit award for events....

Thursday, February 11, 2016

new app for blogging

Maybe this helps me blog more. 
First here is a little poem for this cold Valentine's weekend