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Monday, August 29, 2011

2days til early registration closes

take a minute and sign up, save your self some cash and ya know.. if you think you have something to offer TEAM GLENY, you can run with the big dog.. me and my friends..

so cyndi sent me an EVENT CALENDAR for Sept

The Quick Fall Potential line up.... all dates subject to change.

Sept 1st- Melissa's Birthday
Sept 3rd - Melissa's Birthday Party
Sept 5th - Superhero Bar Crawl
Sept 8th - Our anniversary
Sept 9th - Oyster Festival in Asbury
Sept 11th - NFL opening day at Bar A
Sept 15th - Jill's Birthday
Sept 17th - Pirate Con and then Ditta No No's big 3-0
Sept 18th - Dogfest at Winward Beach
perhaps a fall trip to DC?

Oct 1st - SPCA Dog Walk
Oct 8th - Rubber Ducky Race/WRAT Beer Fest in Asbury
Oct 22nd.. MudManX..
Oct 28th - Nov 7th - Rocky Horror in Asbury
Halloween Line up
29th-bar a
31st- NYC city parade
let me know who is interested in any of this, Check out the FB event, it is just for info and to see who is interested and coming to what.

Dates TBA:
Fall foliage trip
Apple/pumpkin picking
Snuggie 5

Monday, August 15, 2011



that is correct, I registered and started a team.. Now this is a call to action for all the in shape friends.. I would really really like to have a nice showing.. go register on as a team participant under TEAM GLENY. I would love for TEAM GLENY to make a decent show, hell I am a champion deep down.. so i want to win the best team competition... seriously folks.. go sign up under TEAM GLENY!!!!


Hey everyone, inbetween events and craziness fun, my buddy Jay has started up an adventure race company. Their First race is in October at the Blueclaws stadium.. This is event is going to be amazing, and will hopefully take the sport in great new direction.. C out all the details at
As for the rest of my summer, I got in to a little trouble, which at some point I will blog about, right now the wounds are too open.... and I have been laying low . There is going to be one final BAR CRAWL for the summer.. the SUPER HERO EXTRAVAGANZA.... please go check that out... and really you dont have to dress all out, but trust me more than most will be outrageous.. homemade costumes are always the funnest and you can be any superhero you want, or if you run out of ideas, just buy a small tight form fitting super hero shirt and rock that..

and dont forget I love when people like my new FB page.. keep in touch and have fun... see you out there